Four Seasons Awarding and On-the-spot Marathon of 4S

The much awaited day has finally arrived...Sunday Dec. 8, 2013. Could be the year-ender activity of Styles, Strokes, and Sketches Society or the opening salvo for 2014. The awarding ceremony of Four Seasons Tournament sponsored by Ms. Aubrey Pabuhat-Yano. 
   Venue: BF Park, BF Homes ParaƱaque City; just in front Sir Pops (Noel David) ancestral house where he grew up. A picturesque place which was dubbed as the largest subdivision in the Philippines not to mention filled with High-profile controversies. 
   We kick-off the event around 10AM with an on-the-spot painting with 3 lovely bystanders while we wait for 2 of our Main models Australian girl Christine Carluen and of course Aubrey. 

Styles, Strokes and Sketches Society members who are present in the scene...we still hope for a Grand reunion one day including those people in foreign land.  This was taken inside the David Mansion..

warm up sketch session...

Christine Carluen
fountain by the park
at the gazebo
The Result...a misdeal, the judges can't decide so everyone wins.

   Sir Pops mural of BF personalities...over 300 faces and perhaps the most faces ever concocted together. Needed Guinness confirmation on this.

The Exhibitions of entries...

Selection of all winning artworks for M4 seasons with model and sponsor Aubrey Yano.

The winners in no particular order...
Isagani P. Carlos, Jose Tolentino Jimenez, and Ric Sanchez

photo opt with sponsor Aubrey...with my on-the-spot entry...

The Honorable Mentions...
Benedict Honor, Wally Castro (held by Aubrey), Lourdes Inosanto, and Rusty Tabo represented by our latest member Rene Carlo Antonio

Our special thanks to Brgy Councilor Noel Azarcon...

Master JJ presenting our token of appreciation to VIP...

My official entry for Four Seasons Tournament. Not so many people knew but this was one of my first canvas work...well, I've tried one or two before but those was unofficial pieces as an artisan since I was only a student then. Good first try for me...anyway, there's always another season.

The Surprise winning piece...Thank God! 

Special thanks to Dong-A Philippines thru Ms. Jane Arrieta Ebarle for providing the giveaways and art materials. God bless you.

pastel work by Jose Tolentino Jimenez

Sideline scenes....

Till Next Tournament Guys and Gals!!!



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