Pardon My Eloquence

I feel so blessed...
   despite recent turbulence that almost broke my reasoning capacity these past months; there are still enough reasons to laugh and cheer. I thought it would be a dry season for me since I have no line up of event on sched...yet last minute confirmation for my facepainting rescue  our financial worries for the most expensive season of all. Glory to God!!!

   At times, I had this tendencies to overspend...most especially on art materials. The addiction for sketching miscellaneous and to venture to realms only those that can afford to sustain the momentum will survive. 

Some are simply false alarm...

My philosophical humor resound the true sentiment of my domestic affairs.  No more need to covert the real status... I am still a struggling artist wishing for a corner of my own...never mind the centerstage, just a little space to call my own. At least recognized for all my worth. 

It is extremely hard to earn respect in my chosen playing field. There are evil crabs ready to snatch you in the air. Obviously there are far more talented people in the planet. 

    The need to return to my roots...being redirected by uncertainties...of new learning...and shocked. To be overwhelmed by enormous discoveries...of new found fame and re-installment to a pedestal. Which heights I feel dizziness embroidering my apparel. 

Re-aligning my direction as an artist, that is probably the best resolution I can focus into as the new year enters...


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