Tuesday, April 30, 2013

About Each One of Us

    The learning process still continues....you win some you lose some. What have I learn so far was to respect each and every one. You can't judge a person....Period!!! Everyone is special in the eyes of God.  Meeting different people with different strokes especially during my face painting stint enable me to realized the differences. Thus, there can never be equality...there is only individualities we must learn to embrace.  
   Here are some of the images these past days...

   Re-learning an almost forgotten painting technique that I used to employ especially for acrylic medium. The Dry-Brush style...

Friday, April 26, 2013

So I Need Focus

As I've just realized from previous blog that I'm loosing my focus. Of all the thing that an artist can't live without is focus. Without focus you'll never hit the target. 
   First, I have to seek the expert's advises regarding focus. Okay I guess it would be easy now that we had Google search at our disposal. What I need are some quotes...type: focus + quotes. 
 “The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.” -- Brian Tracy

   That would be fine but that's not exactly the verse I need at this instance. It is even tiring also to focus on searching the web. Well I can blame the summer heat again and stagnate without doing something. I don't have to be so harsh on myself.... not everyday is artistically productive sometimes you just need to sit back and relax. 

“Our thoughts create our reality -- where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.” -- Peter McWilliams

   Then I was reminded from past experience which says..."Be the inspiration!"
So I pick my art materials and started to work on an old painting that I have deciced not to finish.... I had consider the piece a failure so I let it dust...
   But then... 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Fleeting Moment....

Being linear doesn't mean that I have to box myself in traditions.I believe I had something to offer...Would it be necessary to have an eternal mindset? 

   Even if the world will enter it to that phase of great tribulations (are we there yet?) it would be better not to be caught unaware... to still be painting with a positive attitude. I was given those chances before and I still believe that I will be given more opportunities. God will provide! 

   Yah!!! I said that, or declared that more or less just 5 years ago...after I quit my last employment. Brave enough to step up on my own. To be a full-time artisan. There are times that I do worry how to pay those monthly bills without regular paycheck. But hey I'm surviving...and sometimes tempted to go back...
   I praise God that He was always there for me. Sometimes I receive too much...more than I could chew.  An in those moment of plenty God reminds me of my past hungers. In those moment of failure God remind me of previous successes. 
    Should I give up now?
    I tried to paint yesternoon....but fail to amaze myself. Although the neighbor thought that it was so bautiful. What's wrong with me? I argue with myself...I complain against the brush and even the paint itself. I have to give up...at the moment perhaps. I need to focus.

   Yes that's the word "focus" and inspiration. 

   Lately, I feel so bad...or was focusing to feel that way. There's so much negative charge in the air. Summer heat must have caught me off guard. So that I will try to illuminate...FOCUS
   and that we shall discuss on next blog.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Visual Manuscript 12.3

cover within a coverpage...from the 2nd Revision
Intentional Moment 12.3 formally started last year which had undergone hopefully its final 3rd revision. This project like that of Whisper to a Scream 6.5;  is intented for public viewing. I'm still thinking of the other visual manuscripts if I will have the guts to show. Well, maybe but obviously it would require some revisions. 
   I'm still not done with most of the twelve art journals...but I am working on them simultaneously. Anyway, you can not hurry a moment of Realizationism--they just came in mysterious ways. The randomness of ideas doesn't always flow as expected. But I always remind myself to be inspired. I can will myself to be inspire...to push myself to create. Even when I'm full to the brim with work loads. I  must create at least an artwork a day. Doodling or pasting...it is all part of the process. 
   So this 12th manuscripts is called Intentional Moment...meaning it had to be intentional or something like that. Intending the moment to happen the way I want it to manipest. Sometimes I also refer to these as wishful thinking (probably that would be a nice goal for a 13th manuscript if ever) to satisfy my craving or make up for my shortcomings. 
   I guess, after all, everything is intentional ever since I started this way back in 1985 or 86. That I intented the randomness or accidents to happen. Can we therefore ask Serendipity to occur whenever we want? 
   So what will be the storyline this time? 
   I think I should concern myself on allowing beautiful moment to pass through. I can try not to linger on heartaches and failures. Extracting my brain once more for some artistic expressions. Perhaps I could re-focus everything I've logged from earlier manuscripts...to summarized those divine messages. The sub-conscious is always intune to the spiritual realm. Maybe I misinterpreted some of the learnings (and unlearning) so I could go back to realign the messages. (To follow...) 

I don't usually uses glue to paste them...using paint for 
the collage; so it would also qualify in painting category. 

Perhaps they'll listen now...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

In spite of the list of projects and events I still need to paint things that my heart  dictates. My purpose and calls. I don't have that luxury for now...I need to support my family too. 
   Sketches just to stay in tune...

and finally it came...

Revising also my 12th Visual Manuscript "Intentional Moment 12.3"

plenty of spare time to think and re-think

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hot Hot Summer

The other day I heard that it's the Philippine's all time hot weather since 1968. Most of the people around me are either coughing or sneezing. I was at Jar's Resort in Sta. Rosa that day and truly the sun was like an oven burning my dermis. Fortunately I was placed by the party organizer at the veranda overlooking the pool. 

   I had some schedule that keeps me occupied...even if I'm chilling due to fever... cough and cold...the show must go on as they say. I think I caught this when I was at Santa Rosa Estate...once again on the pool area...2 or 3 kids directly sneeze on my face while doing their temporary tattoo. I was a little bit anxious since most of these kids were foreigner. What if they happen to be in China these past few weeks? 

   I heard a new strain of Bird Flu virus from China. Which remind me to blog on Wisdom of a Fool. 
    I even had a job on Elijah's 14th Birthday...

Elijah on his 1st B-day