A Fleeting Moment....

Being linear doesn't mean that I have to box myself in traditions.I believe I had something to offer...Would it be necessary to have an eternal mindset? 

   Even if the world will enter it to that phase of great tribulations (are we there yet?) it would be better not to be caught unaware... to still be painting with a positive attitude. I was given those chances before and I still believe that I will be given more opportunities. God will provide! 

   Yah!!! I said that, or declared that more or less just 5 years ago...after I quit my last employment. Brave enough to step up on my own. To be a full-time artisan. There are times that I do worry how to pay those monthly bills without regular paycheck. But hey I'm surviving...and sometimes tempted to go back...
   I praise God that He was always there for me. Sometimes I receive too much...more than I could chew.  An in those moment of plenty God reminds me of my past hungers. In those moment of failure God remind me of previous successes. 
    Should I give up now?
    I tried to paint yesternoon....but fail to amaze myself. Although the neighbor thought that it was so bautiful. What's wrong with me? I argue with myself...I complain against the brush and even the paint itself. I have to give up...at the moment perhaps. I need to focus.

   Yes that's the word "focus" and inspiration. 

   Lately, I feel so bad...or was focusing to feel that way. There's so much negative charge in the air. Summer heat must have caught me off guard. So that I will try to illuminate...FOCUS
   and that we shall discuss on next blog.


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