Visual Manuscript 12.3

cover within a coverpage...from the 2nd Revision
Intentional Moment 12.3 formally started last year which had undergone hopefully its final 3rd revision. This project like that of Whisper to a Scream 6.5;  is intented for public viewing. I'm still thinking of the other visual manuscripts if I will have the guts to show. Well, maybe but obviously it would require some revisions. 
   I'm still not done with most of the twelve art journals...but I am working on them simultaneously. Anyway, you can not hurry a moment of Realizationism--they just came in mysterious ways. The randomness of ideas doesn't always flow as expected. But I always remind myself to be inspired. I can will myself to be push myself to create. Even when I'm full to the brim with work loads. I  must create at least an artwork a day. Doodling or is all part of the process. 
   So this 12th manuscripts is called Intentional Moment...meaning it had to be intentional or something like that. Intending the moment to happen the way I want it to manipest. Sometimes I also refer to these as wishful thinking (probably that would be a nice goal for a 13th manuscript if ever) to satisfy my craving or make up for my shortcomings. 
   I guess, after all, everything is intentional ever since I started this way back in 1985 or 86. That I intented the randomness or accidents to happen. Can we therefore ask Serendipity to occur whenever we want? 
   So what will be the storyline this time? 
   I think I should concern myself on allowing beautiful moment to pass through. I can try not to linger on heartaches and failures. Extracting my brain once more for some artistic expressions. Perhaps I could re-focus everything I've logged from earlier summarized those divine messages. The sub-conscious is always intune to the spiritual realm. Maybe I misinterpreted some of the learnings (and unlearning) so I could go back to realign the messages. (To follow...) 

I don't usually uses glue to paste them...using paint for 
the collage; so it would also qualify in painting category. 

Perhaps they'll listen now...


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