Hot Hot Summer

The other day I heard that it's the Philippine's all time hot weather since 1968. Most of the people around me are either coughing or sneezing. I was at Jar's Resort in Sta. Rosa that day and truly the sun was like an oven burning my dermis. Fortunately I was placed by the party organizer at the veranda overlooking the pool. 

   I had some schedule that keeps me occupied...even if I'm chilling due to fever... cough and cold...the show must go on as they say. I think I caught this when I was at Santa Rosa Estate...once again on the pool area...2 or 3 kids directly sneeze on my face while doing their temporary tattoo. I was a little bit anxious since most of these kids were foreigner. What if they happen to be in China these past few weeks? 

   I heard a new strain of Bird Flu virus from China. Which remind me to blog on Wisdom of a Fool. 
    I even had a job on Elijah's 14th Birthday...

Elijah on his 1st B-day


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