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After Image 8.2, drawing within

Without my eye glasses on I begun on leaf 6…the sun was on dusk process so it would cripple some of my vision’s ability to see detail and truthful tinge.  What I want here to settle is the challenge of the models position…top-isometric analysis and the naked skin tone that is nearly defuse will obviously be a struggle to interpret the image clearly. The first pencil stroke is not easy as I try to connect the dots…divide the image into geometric small pieces to relate the other object for balance. I have to wait and never hurry for I must put to mind the importance of a good sketch…fundamental rule to carry.    It would be expected the next day at daylight these possibilities: dull color, imbalance of stokes, and whatever…but even all these expected results without seeing vivid for this night I have the strong urge to create just after I have my dinner. I need a new fair of reading glasses (it’s broken again for the 4th time this year alone) and a good source of lamp near my working ar…

Collaboration of Silence

The previous blog (Illumination 028) I have let you preview the illustration I made for Sancheeta's poem. I think it's not yet ready for the final stroke because of some technicality on my computer and my camera. Yet anyway, I wish to share the poem now for comparison...between the "Silence..." Sancheeta Biswas speaks and the "Silence" that I painted. The photo I'm using here is straight from my work table...
silence speak your words by Sancheeta Biswas

faith in eternity, faith to paint the infinity faith to realize love sterilized 
your lips merged into the deep breath of mine hold me for ever hold us together let silence be our words silence in touch spurs, i arouse like ared, red in your heart red letter ,  my sweet heart,

After Image 8.2 Stick with the Flow

If I skip again and allow myself to be distracted there is a high probability that I shall divert into different frame of mind…and these journal will echo the same randomness of my other books that I will try as much as I can to deviate. While there are urges to create another images into a new page, that is presently taunting my creative juice I have to drink the cup first at hand. Experience tells me to focus first on unfinished business….so here I am doing the 4th page: About The Artist. Here written in 3rd person format: The great challenge for him is to finish at least a single visualjournal that he simultaneously create and at present he is currently working on eight (8) manuscripts. Also known as FherMission, he is the man behind the Art of Realizationism.    He rarely make an individual piece but indulges in series of artpieces that form a constellation of personal experiences bound into, or as a laboratory of self-expressions using images either crafted or acquired.   “All of t…

After Image, further editing

Done with page 3 and taking the matter a little seriously and asking continue. Just a few item were added...the other half of the pencil. There are some poorly executed strokes on the female body area that I have to retouch...and found out the new poster color I bought doesn't have the quality I wish to display. I have to apologized too for the poor quality of the photo I posted here since I am only using my other camera phone.    The mood for a visual journal with a completed stand-alone piece in itself is on my bloodstream nowadays, so I just let it happen as it dictates. After Image, will just flow as it is...but as I have said will be more thoroughly thought of. By the way, since this already an edited version from the first attempt it is now the episode 8.2 of the series.     As a manuscript of course I expect written revelations and explorations or experiential expressions. That would simply come out as the day comes...anything that touch my soul and probably tou…