After Image 8.2 Stick with the Flow

If I skip again and allow myself to be distracted there is a high probability that I shall divert into different frame of mind…and these journal will echo the same randomness of my other books that I will try as much as I can to deviate. While there are urges to create another images into a new page, that is presently taunting my creative juice I have to drink the cup first at hand. Experience tells me to focus first on unfinished business….so here I am doing the 4th page: About The Artist. Here written in 3rd person format:
   The great challenge for him is to finish at least a single visual  journal that he simultaneously create and at present he is currently working on eight (8) manuscripts. Also known as FherMission, he is the man behind the Art of Realizationism.
   He rarely make an individual piece but indulges in series of artpieces that form a constellation of personal experiences bound into, or as a laboratory of self-expressions using images either crafted or acquired.   “All of these and the rest of what the future about the bring is my lifetime thesis….”

   Previous to above mention page I have skipped into page 5 (see I have that tendency) for the promised I made; it’s my interpretation of Sancheeta Biswas poem. Unsatisfied with the image quality when it appears on photograph because my camera phone can’t get the personal appearance. It’s not that I have failed in executing the illustration I want to portray but from the naked eye I am contented.   There are some faults too on the grains since I am using a cheaper pad at P49.00—dullness after the paint cured. But as a Realizationist who have to amend for whatever life brings I must cope and find ways. Actually there is no injustice done to the poem…I put my mind into it.

   I have no more opportunity to revise the book into 8.3 therefore the intentions should be pursued. The world awaits the process of my shredding.


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