After Image, further editing

Done with page 3 and taking the matter a little seriously and asking continue. Just a few item were added...the other half of the pencil. There are some poorly executed strokes on the female body area that I have to retouch...and found out the new poster color I bought doesn't have the quality I wish to display. I have to apologized too for the poor quality of the photo I posted here since I am only using my other camera phone.
   The mood for a visual journal with a completed stand-alone piece in itself is on my bloodstream nowadays, so I just let it happen as it dictates. After Image, will just flow as it is...but as I have said will be more thoroughly thought of. By the way, since this already an edited version from the first attempt it is now the episode 8.2 of the series. 
   As a manuscript of course I expect written revelations and explorations or experiential expressions. That would simply come out as the day comes...anything that touch my soul and probably touching the divine as well.
   Doing half naked or totally naked women are not anymore on my agenda...or lesser if I could manage. I believe I'm done on this station whereas I have to prove my conversant on human form...this is just reaction on issues about the pros and cons of nude art. Even loosing a member on the process and then realizing another lessons about differences. Oppps I am not totally done away with nude...if the need arise I will still put it as symbolism. 
   The next goal is the Biography page: About the Artist....



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