Collaboration of Silence

   The previous blog (Illumination 028) I have let you preview the illustration I made for Sancheeta's poem. I think it's not yet ready for the final stroke because of some technicality on my computer and my camera. Yet anyway, I wish to share the poem now for comparison...between the "Silence..." Sancheeta Biswas speaks and the "Silence" that I painted. The photo I'm using here is straight from my work table...

silence speak your words

by Sancheeta Biswas

 day dreams, night draws nigh
silence speak your words.

faith in eternity,
faith to paint the infinity
faith to realize
love sterilized 

your lips merged
into the deep breath of mine
hold me for ever
hold us together
let silence be our words
silence in touch spurs,
i arouse like a red,
red in your heart
red letter , 
my sweet heart,
18 may,
 u remember?

the galaxy unknown,
yet the depth dearly known,
contemplate on our thoughts,
in star studded black sky,
silence sanity prone,
u are my amber 
i remember 

love me till the end 
grip the lure, the dale
that i paint,
let silence meet 
two musical soul,
mind and body in 
silken threads 
wish to sail.
transitional voyage, 
sea blue to green ocean,
only SILENCE and YOU prevail.

   Below is the detail from another angle trying to figure out why my camera is not getting the right hue and color from naked eyes. Soon perhaps when I fix the matter I'll post it on Tagged ArtLover Group....get over with my Illumination again...I have to reflect on many things....

   Dear Lord thank you for the people who greeted me on my Birthday...


  1. silence touched your soul and created an everlasting impression of your mind in canvas. i am honored to be with you in collaboration. you justified my words, my thoughts.

    the kiss on forehead is the "faith in eternity". the green is the "love sterilized".
    she is in her own world. her eyes meet him in "galaxy" where she finds silence to be pure, divine........."silence sanity prone". her untied hair waits for him.
    the bonding, the crisscross of fingers holding tight is the urge....."love me till the end"...."grip the lure". their heart dances in silence, uniting "two musical souls".
    at a glance the overall impact is "SILENCE SPEAK YOUR WORDS"

  2. Thank you so much express it even better.


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