Saturday, July 16, 2011

After Image 8.2, drawing within

Without my eye glasses on I begun on leaf 6…the sun was on dusk process so it would cripple some of my vision’s ability to see detail and truthful tinge.  What I want here to settle is the challenge of the models position…top-isometric analysis and the naked skin tone that is nearly defuse will obviously be a struggle to interpret the image clearly. The first pencil stroke is not easy as I try to connect the dots…divide the image into geometric small pieces to relate the other object for balance. I have to wait and never hurry for I must put to mind the importance of a good sketch…fundamental rule to carry.
   It would be expected the next day at daylight these possibilities: dull color, imbalance of stokes, and whatever…but even all these expected results without seeing vivid for this night I have the strong urge to create just after I have my dinner. I need a new fair of reading glasses (it’s broken again for the 4th time this year alone) and a good source of lamp near my working area.

   About the subject at hand; it’s a test of skill and the ability to resolved problems at hand. I’m expert at that, being a scrapbook maker for a long time. Any flaws that may come out at latter times can be turn into a beautiful piece. Hiding fault is my expertise in term of arts…or maybe in other aspect of my life too. Troubleshooting and making amends had been part of my visual diaries even to the point of total make-over. I easily get bothered with tiny details. Yet tonight I will enjoy the moment of painting. Painting must always be easy and enjoyable…free flowing and never stiff…once that important detail is entail then it is not an artwork anymore. A gift must always come as a blessing even from the giver.
   The surreal attitude come when I place the lady inside a wooden drawer…experimented about the curtain as backdrop wishing the sunlight to comes in…the flower design was hurried which I had never desired…it is not good to paint poorly. All must come with love and attention. I will never commit again the terrible mistake of aiming too low and acting very little.
   You can easily get drifted with time and when desires sinks in you blend yourself with your work…then it is Not work anymore but love-making. This time it is just all wishes stirring and I surrender…

   I have to stop and let the next day judge me. Yet there are still some left-over energy so I move to my next model. Heidi Riego’s beauty caught me so I pick her from my downloads. I wish to use color-pencils but I just opted for an instant result and have it on pencil. This time I turn it good and will sleep contented…
   NOW the next day prove to be a different story. Daylight will tell what night refuses to reveal. Plus I have my glasses on…

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