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Scientific Approaches for Artist

Most people think that science tries to disfigure religion, and that scientific discoveries disproved the existence of God. But the more I study science the more I came to know God. When I look at nature I saw even the humor of our creator. The ant for instance, very small but was given enormous strength.  Just by simply looking around we will discover that God is continually revealing  Himself and that science has no other options but to affirm His existence.    As artist practicing for more than 30 years...I can say I had my share and say too when it comes to Art even if I'm mostly self-taught. The short stint for a month long experience as a workshopper at Cultural Center of the Philippines  enables me to take a closer look into the general over-view of arts as I continue my self-search. As far as science is concern I think I have enough doses already of good scientific inquiry by watching National Geographic on TV. I read lots of book on science and in fact it is my childhood a…

The Secret Art of Looking

   It would be real nice to have the youthful power of my sight restored. I don't have to bother wearing my glasses and see the world around me clearer and detailed. With my glasses I'm not experiencing the real naked color I had seen during my youth. These are the secret colors only an experienced vision can recognized and these are primary secret a painter must know to create reality. I am not saying here that you create mirror images of the real world but of the inner significance.    I would like to share to you the secret colors and masterful details of the world around us. How to see them...more easily. I should say it would take great amount of practice to acquire but the benefit would be tremendous once you solved the puzzle.       Some of the basic element we must first look at are this realities....images are absorb by our retina with the aid of light source. Other things to consider are distance, texture, composition, lines, and so on....    A lot of people think they …

After Image, revision

This piece was supposedly on the third page of After Image, but at the middle I decided to make it a separate work and finally had a work that might go into framing. That is if I remain with my original thought of the moment.  The intent of setting up a page that I will call "About the artist" make me chose to feature a self-portrait...but as I move on and found I needed a piece to at least reflect what Vincent Van Gogh was trying to let us experience, I pursue to make this a whole painting and then remove on the said Visual Manuscript.     When I had remove it...done and signed I call the work "Self-Portrait, at the end of the day" and yet I feel the work isn't over yet...I feel I need a little more polishing. That is where I start flipping the two first leaves of After Image...the cover and the preface and dissatisfied what my eyes are seeing....unlike last night when I thought the pages are enough.  
   Then here you shall notice how my tentativeness affect my…

Issues with Artistry

A good art work must be able to capture attention from the first millisecond, retain interest for at least 10 seconds BUT a whole lifetime for appreciation...
   Starting from a blank platform a Creative is face with  challenges to present images that will reflect what is inside his heart. Our world views either right or wrong must came across to our audience. First act is by representing the closest possible interpretation of our thoughts using lines, textures, shapes, and colors. 
   Why did I say either right or wrong? Can an artist get away with anything as long as he has technically create a beautiful piece? This is what we will try to expound here, to classify what is ART. Art covers wide range of discipline from painting, music, film, acting, literature, photography, teaching, and fashion among the few. In fact, we can attached 
Art almost in anything we can think of; 
like the art of public speaking or culinary arts. 
   Does it mean a photographer will just sporadically shoot thin…

After Image, Preface

   Like all decent book it must have an introduction, this is the part you start introducing what can people expect from the author.    I prefer this time a Preface for After Image, Episode 8. By the way I think I should enumerate what are the other visual journal:    1. Realizationism, an artist journal...although it was given an introduction only around 1995 and finalize in 2000, the collection from this journal begun way back in 1986 during my self-searching. This is the largest book that I recycled using an old coffee table book.     2. The Quantum Fragment, the book where I start calling it as my Laboratory features bits and fragments of thought or ideas needing confirmation. This is still on process and it begun March 21, 2006     3. Same Ground, words beyond the with outpouring of my self especially during those time of distress and well, a venue to argue...    4. Migration (2009) is a reflection of the constant changes going on around me. It mirrors also my travel …

After Image, The Travel Inside My Visual Diaries

When my first official Visual Journal came one solemn night around 1995 I never thought I would make the hard decision to move away from the conventional wall intended paintings and settle to a longer and more time consuming passion. I transform the book "The Literal Colour" into "Realizationism, an artist journal"   from a sudden Realization as I turn my manuscript or collection into a laboratory of experiential learning using visual expression.     Prior to The Literal Colour, I had other scrapbook and portfolios whose intentions was to collect and make amends from my shortcomings. Also to solve the growing numbers of fire hazards in my room.  These other books are then incorporated into Realizationism...while others are either lost, given to friend, sold or taken by time and nature. I had this difficulty in giving away my work too...and that is another story.     Calling these books as visual manuscript or interchangeably journal or diary;  it has now grown into a…