Friday, June 24, 2011

Scientific Approaches for Artist

Most people think that science tries to disfigure religion, and that scientific discoveries disproved the existence of God. But the more I study science the more I came to know God. When I look at nature I saw even the humor of our creator. The ant for instance, very small but was given enormous strength.  Just by simply looking around we will discover that God is continually revealing  Himself and that science has no other options but to affirm His existence.
   As artist practicing for more than 30 years...I can say I had my share and say too when it comes to Art even if I'm mostly self-taught. The short stint for a month long experience as a workshopper at Cultural Center of the Philippines  enables me to take a closer look into the general over-view of arts as I continue my self-search. As far as science is concern I think I have enough doses already of good scientific inquiry by watching National Geographic on TV. I read lots of book on science and in fact it is my childhood ambition to be a scientist, particularly a marine biologist or an archaeologist digging fossils or raiding tomb. 
   Well, after all had been said about my two fold interest I think I can go on and expound a tip or two about scientific approaches in creating artworks. Before I forgot as a Christian since early 80's  I think I can co-relate also this findings with my artistry. Yet I will focus greatly on arts and sciences for this blog...
   Psychology as a branch of science is also very vital in creating a good masterpiece. The great importance of this discipline is the inter and intra personal expression of the artist. We will not paint something that does not affect our emotions or dreams. The social perspective of an individual can greatly affect the art work.
  Physics and Chemistry work towards the craftsmanship and understanding the necessary elements in creating an art. Which I believe is a constant process or the artisan will be left-out in the ever evolving world.
  Technology is also a requirement to understand since we are handling materials that upgrades  from time to time. A good example of relating technology to an artist is the camera. Understanding the functions of a camera can be translated within our own eyes. Like shutter speed or aperture. 
   Biology does not only mean we take nude sessions and try understanding curves and forms. But allowing our mind to realize the functions of each bone structure and how human flesh covers this muscle tissue to be achieve in form and substance. Same goes to flora and all living creatures which will lead us also to Pathology or the study of diseases and we may even go deeper as to study cadaver like most Renaissance artist do from the 14th to 15th century.
   We may not want to go to all the above process like dissecting dead animals but we can take note of these importance to painting especially Anatomy by reading and using the internet for sources.  Science have many other branches that I may not be able to cover all, the same goes to sciences which is too young to understand the infinite God.   
   Science is basically observation.... discovering what will not work and what will. When we reach conclusions in can be assumed as theory or laws. Painting is like performing experiments...and when you experiment you take down notes. This is either via mental memorization or actual notes. Keeping your experimental pieces is vital so never disregard this works, so I advise that you make a portfolio of this collections even if you consider it a failure. Remember a Photocopying Machine (Xerox) was just an accidental discovery. 
The Importance of Observations
    The Secret Art of Looking, in that particular blog I sited some instances where we take for granted our ability to see and how our personal beliefs affects our perceptions.   Awareness and the conscious effort to look into the heart of the matter will greatly help our ability. Like gravity for instance, we know it is there, it is constantly present in our surroundings but we tend to put it aside since we have no practical application of it, let us say, about our relationship to another human being...or is it? Do we intentionally put perfume to attract the opposite sex or it was just a form of habit? Either way, some daily activities became too mechanical that we rarely take the time to focus into it, and that should be the case or we became too busy on tiny details and forget to see the bigger picture
   When to look and when to skip the process? As the need arises...or let me suggest that at least give a couple of minute for our brain to rest and play on this matter at least once a day. As we move on to our search for Realizationism, our brain will be skillful enough and alert us when it is time to focus on trivial details. 
   Observation must have a definite goal...the guidelines would be the universal questions: What, Who, When, Why, and Where. Some answers may be ridiculous or insignificant at the moment but trust me...everything had a reason. and Some of the most silly questions and silly reply are now awarded with Nobel Price 

   The actual process of research are done using experimentation or data gatherings. I have mentioned before that my visual manuscripts are my laboratories of experiences. I therefore, suggest that you start your own doesn't have to follow any standards, just be yourself. The most honest assessment you can make of yourself or what you think you are must be reflected on these pages.
   Here, is where we take down notes of the real feeling we had at the moment...if lacking of words then pictures. Express everything you think worth telling or what others think of you...according of course to what you believed they are saying behind your back. Let it be an outpouring of your soul...
   The Actual Experiencing of Painting
   It is very important to have a good foundation when you paint and this foundations are drawings or sketches. I saw experienced artist who paint directly on canvass without outlining what is on his mind but goes directly into painting. Well, if it works well with you and the result fine, you can do the same...BUT on my case I always go into the process of sketching and planning. Reading, travel, playing, and chatting with friends are also good foundation for your future art works.  Observing the works of others is also very gallery visits or  browsing art related sites. Remember the you and I will never stop learning...once we decided that we know already it will guarantee stagnation and decay of your arts. 
   Don't overlooked The sketch process...I will discuss far more detailed tips on this area on future blogs. In the meantime I like to suggest that you take extra effort on your sketches than the actual painting. To me the pigment applying should be enjoyable and easy flowing than the more refine and stricter discipline of drawing. I always believe in good foundation...paint are there for aesthetic values, craftsmanship, and finishing touches or highlights of designs. Well executed painting can attract an audience...but it all boils to the lines and ideas behind it.
   Again, as I have said I will give you more easy step on drawings base on my experiences and shared ideas from people that I have met...that shall be on future blogs.
   Don't be afraid to paint....This is the part where most gifted artist fail because of fear. Maybe it has something to do with our childhood. Most parents will allow us to draw but wont let us play with paints. Another is some good drawings must end as it is...and we are so afraid it might get ruin once we apply colors from our inexperience hands. 
     Always remember that Art is an evolving it has no particular rule to follow. All I'm saying here are base on my personal experience and may not be applicable to everyone. You are free to go out of the box. But I think, what I am saying here are general rule for artist.
   No matter what medium it is different colors have different qualities. Most blue had the tendency to change color after just a few minute of application, and also different surfaces requires specific approach. 
   Our eyes see and interpret colors at different time of the the factor of locations like outdoor or indoor paintings. 
   Don't be afraid to show your work. I said be prepared for ridicule and bad comments.
   Don't let your passion takes hold. When we are so absorb with our works we have the tendencies to keep on going...we loose tract of time and even became disoriented with our original purpose and at times don't know when to stop. I suggest that you stop from time to time, or even allow hours to pass by before you continue with what you are doing...this is especially important if you feel you are lost in the middle of something. This will also allow the pigment to cure because most colors tend to change after application. 
   So at this point I would like to give you some time to reflect....


   Don't you ever think your idea as insignificant or too ridiculous. Some of those once silly ideas are now awarded with a Nobel Price.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Secret Art of Looking

   It would be real nice to have the youthful power of my sight restored. I don't have to bother wearing my glasses and see the world around me clearer and detailed. With my glasses I'm not experiencing the real naked color I had seen during my youth. These are the secret colors only an experienced vision can recognized and these are primary secret a painter must know to create reality. I am not saying here that you create mirror images of the real world but of the inner significance.
   I would like to share to you the secret colors and masterful details of the world around us. How to see them...more easily. I should say it would take great amount of practice to acquire but the benefit would be tremendous once you solved the puzzle.   
   Some of the basic element we must first look at are this realities....images are absorb by our retina with the aid of light source. Other things to consider are distance, texture, composition, lines, and so on....
   A lot of people think they can "see" but most of what they really saw are often times crafted by our own perception, beliefs, or assumptions. Yes, we often skip the real looking part and assume that what our brain had process was what we really saw. Taking the time to pause, look back and rethink, was it really black or is there something more? 
   Van Gogh was perhaps the first artist to re-educate our brain on the art of looking. With the use of bold and intentional strokes that suggest movement...and defining hidden colors more obvious, he was able to draw our attention to details we fail to recognized or subconsciously ignored.  Through his keen and discerning eyes he was able to share to us colors that common people never saw. 
   I only started "looking" when I was in college and that first encounter with real colors, shapes, textures, and shades were not all that simple....I have to adjust some learned activities that I have acquired since nursery. Re-educating my brain to disregard the education most of the elders before me practiced. 
   The first problem to solve is to gradually unveil the inter-woven hues from every inanimate and animated things we see. Knowledge of material composition is vital as they can be translated into grains, volume, density, and tone. 
   Here is a far greater theory that I have been experimenting; that acquired knowledge or personal views whatever it is shall and will reflect on your work.  Your belief system will direct every single brushstrokes or every time you hit a nail with hammer. 
   To understand colors we must acknowledge first black and white  images...monochromatic pictures can be very helpful in understanding the different shades as they lacked other colors to focus, your attention shall be brought easily to shades and shapes. What makes the images look heavy or light shall depend greatly on shadings. The challenges are to discover colors mingling within hues...a bunch of seeds shown on 2nd photograph will tell you that there are different kinds of browns. The elementary way to paint them is to simply make some oval shapes and then color it with brown...yet as we look at the picture that was not the case in reality. The world is surrounded by different level of light plus the relationships of other colors emitting from other object.  
   Now to describe an object using pencil or brushes we must translate the substance and not the literal image we see...try closing your eyes and imagine a single piece of stone, now add another you see it rough or smooth, how about the shadows...where are the lights coming? Now look outside and search for a stone...once you found it, pick it up, stare at it closely, try differentiating the stone you saw on your head than the one you are holding now. 
   Of course there would be many differences....first it was not the stone you were thinking haven't seen that stone before. That is the point of the experiment, we already had a pre-conceived form into things we gave names into...that pre-fabricated image we had associated are our basic knowledge of things...and the stone in hand are the realities...which is more often than not overlooked or taken for granted.
   It may take time to acquire the habit of looking but it can be achieve.....believe me, even if you are color blind. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

After Image, revision

Self-Portrait, at the end of the day
June 19, 2011
This piece was supposedly on the third page of After Image, but at the middle I decided to make it a separate work and finally had a work that might go into framing. That is if I remain with my original thought of the moment.  The intent of setting up a page that I will call "About the artist" make me chose to feature a self-portrait...but as I move on and found I needed a piece to at least reflect what Vincent Van Gogh was trying to let us experience, I pursue to make this a whole painting and then remove on the said Visual Manuscript. 
   When I had remove it...done and signed I call the work "Self-Portrait, at the end of the day" and yet I feel the work isn't over yet...I feel I need a little more polishing. That is where I start flipping the two first leaves of After Image...the cover and the preface and dissatisfied what my eyes are seeing....unlike last night when I thought the pages are enough.  
Revised, Preface page...

   Then here you shall notice how my tentativeness affect my arts...was it good or bad? Whatever. Now I pluck the pages and instantly revised the book...I want it to be more simple but striking so I took another plunge and recreate the book...the preface was also revised for I feel I could write a better introduction. That has always been a common occurrence among my art works...either I would lost interest in continuing or my idea leads me into another level. 

   I make it as simple as possible revealing the same intense brush strokes and retaining the title fonts that I have make into a collages....instead of the nude I replace the symbol as a fish.  As point of comparison I post the 1st and the revised version and here you shall see how I have merge the intro from the title. Time can tell again if I will go for this one or add some more images...or have it reconstruct for the 3rd time. 
   Here is the new Preface:

   While my other visual journal clings to a more personal self analysis; that is to say, the general public may not have the change to see them...and yet all my manuscript are inter-woven as a constellation of my evolution and the world that affect all of us. Therefore, as the 8th of a series , this collection will divert into a more mass-oriented Realizationism.
   The familiar desire to tell stories, commentaries, or express feelings via artistic manipulations which was (and is) sorted from experiences achieved on a daily basis. After Image aims to resonate a more define Realizationism than just "Random Thoughts" that are common from my other visual manuscript which are more casual and spontaneous. Inside, therefore shall traverse the echo of careful self-expression without compromising the importance of honesty.
   Adapting with the advent of internet, as part of the constant evolution of this Art...this book shall be further discuss and reflected upon on my blogsites. 
   The Journey of another realization has just begun....

signed: June 19, 2011

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Issues with Artistry

A good art work must be able to capture attention from the first millisecond, retain interest for at least 10 seconds BUT a whole lifetime for appreciation...
   Starting from a blank platform a Creative is face with  challenges to present images that will reflect what is inside his heart. Our world views either right or wrong must came across to our audience. First act is by representing the closest possible interpretation of our thoughts using lines, textures, shapes, and colors. 
   Why did I say either right or wrong? Can an artist get away with anything as long as he has technically create a beautiful piece? This is what we will try to expound here, to classify what is ART. Art covers wide range of discipline from painting, music, film, acting, literature, photography, teaching, and fashion among the few. In fact, we can attached 
Art almost in anything we can think of; 
like the art of public speaking or culinary arts. 
   Does it mean a photographer will just sporadically shoot things around him; put it on prints and then call them art? As an artist we must recognized our social responsibility and moral standards. When we speak of morality and society we rarely include artist on the top list of person to blame in case these two important aspect deteriorate. We almost always emulate artist as creator of beauty and therefore too remote to be influential and merely consider as just a reflection or sponge of societies accumulated dirt. What people fail to see is that they were actually prime "mover" of change...and they set the standard on almost any public representation we see. 

   Nude painting isn't the only concern for moralist. Even without nudity it can be classified as a smut if it shows filthiness and absurdity. Do we need censorship too in Painting? Of course that would be too could mean violation of our freedom of expression BUT then again some freedom are abused...
   Once the artist perform he or she MUST be ready for criticism or else they will have to bury their works under their bed or sing only in the bathroom. Even great Masters fail to realized their importance in shaping the moral fiber of the society. Than just mere recording of images an artist must also promote value...yet moral values also vary from culture to culture or personal preferences. It is therefore hard to assume that every tongues and tribes shall accept your views. The willingness to accept may be the answer to all these confusion as to whether we listen or rather speak.  

Saturday, June 11, 2011

After Image, Preface

   Like all decent book it must have an introduction, this is the part you start introducing what can people expect from the author.
   I prefer this time a Preface for After Image, Episode 8. By the way I think I should enumerate what are the other visual journal:
   1. Realizationism, an artist journal...although it was given an introduction only around 1995 and finalize in 2000, the collection from this journal begun way back in 1986 during my self-searching. This is the largest book that I recycled using an old coffee table book. 
   2. The Quantum Fragment, the book where I start calling it as my Laboratory features bits and fragments of thought or ideas needing confirmation. This is still on process and it begun March 21, 2006 
   3. Same Ground, words beyond the with outpouring of my self especially during those time of distress and well, a venue to argue...
   4. Migration (2009) is a reflection of the constant changes going on around me. It mirrors also my travel from Pasay City to Laguna.
   5. Ecclesiastes is what I call my spiritual devotional journal and the drawing board for the art of Realizationism. An idea must have clarity so I am putting it all here. 
   6. A Whisper to a scream, lesser of those drawings and more of writing. 
   7. Stolen Moment, is a book that I grab to sketch what is before me...

Transferring the DRAFT and final edited edited version
   Now After Image will be taking you on a new dimension. Perhaps the only visual journal the masses will be allowed to peek into. Innovative since it will coincide with this series of blogs. It will give you updates on its process from day one till....
   After making the draft for this book I finalized the preface, I search and saw an unfinished drawing and realized it is a nice item to write over these preface...

   While I was taking my cue on the gradual flow of events from instances crafted by collective minute detail...I saw (again) the urgency to assemble another visual manuscript.
   As the 8th of a series, although inter-woven as a constellation came as a tiny spark of urgency. The familiar desire to tell stories, commentaries, and express feelings via imagery and written languages -- sorted from experiences achieved on daily basis.   AFTER IMAGE,  aims to resonate a more define Realizationism than just Random Thoughts common from my other visual journal which is more casual and spontaneous.   An innovation unlike my other hand-crafted books that this journal shall be further discuss and reflected upon on my blog WISDOM OF A FOOL therefore, you will have the chance to take an in-depth look or probably get the glimpse on its processes or progress. As to why certain image/s appear including the emotional aspect attached into it. The Journey of another Realization has just begun.
 (signed Fernando Ymas)
June 12, 2011

   That is how it goes so far at this stage. I'm still contemplating on some ad on for I am still not satisfied on images put inside here. As you can see my original intent was to put it on Wisdom of a Fool but I saw it would fit on my blog about arts in general. I carefully selected details on this page from the quick strokes on all sides down to the cut-out letters; to show that "I do not believe in accident"...everything here was pre-ordained and valued before it hits the Platform. Texture, lines, colors and symbols are placed as I saw fit. 
The Preface Page

    I have expired the whole evening up to near dawn to finish all these and BLOG. 

The signature and date started.


After Image, The Travel Inside My Visual Diaries

When my first official Visual Journal came one solemn night around 1995 I never thought I would make the hard decision to move away from the conventional wall intended paintings and settle to a longer and more time consuming passion. I transform the book "The Literal Colour" into "Realizationism, an artist journal"   from a sudden Realization as I turn my manuscript or collection into a laboratory of experiential learning using visual expression
   Prior to The Literal Colour, I had other scrapbook and portfolios whose intentions was to collect and make amends from my shortcomings. Also to solve the growing numbers of fire hazards in my room.  These other books are then incorporated into Realizationism...while others are either lost, given to friend, sold or taken by time and nature. I had this difficulty in giving away my work too...and that is another story. 
   Calling these books as visual manuscript or interchangeably journal or diary;  it has now grown into a mini library of its own. Now series 1 to 7 are mostly for my private pleasure and self-evaluation so very few people get the chance to see them. As I have said, Realizationism is my life time thesis therefore it may even take my entire existence before a single book get exhibited. These books also are ever evolving according to my state of being. 
   I have been contemplating lately if I am ready to serve what I have been doing inside my laboratory. I would be needing another long long hours for this new project so I have to weigh all the matters if it is achievable. The private revelation aspect are not that easy to deal with since I am not a transparent person. Then I would be under obligation to keep an oath...I will have to stress my limit (and on my viewers part stretch their mind to my complex artworks) and yet I came to this acceptance from long ago that as an artist I have the  responsibility to the society I am mingling with. 
   The original intent of my visual journal are post-mortem analysis of my work and my life so meaning it should be concluded after death. My disambiguation. That would be keeping my agenda till the Lord decided to call me back.  It would be unfair to keep my friends guessing what are inside these journal or what are the process it undergo so I have to make AFTER IMAGE to answer in that direction. 
   First, a visual manuscript would either begin as a loose collection from previous artworks, then have the courage to tear them and make it as a collage item on the journal; and or a pre-fabricated book like sketch pad or hand-made bookbinding if you want to make it really more personal. Additional item should be  FOUND objects around you. Resourcefulness is a vital key in making a visual is important that everything on it must hold a special meaning to you, down to the tiniest detail. 
   You will understand the journey as I take you from nothingness as I begin my latest (eight) visual manuscript and hopefully by the Lord's grace will let me finish before the end comes. 

    The cover page as I have posted on something like these: More than a week contemplating for the concept; about 3 hours thinking for a proper title, and an hour and half doing the cover...
   Inside this blog I would let you travel and work with me, if you wish, what is eating FherMission the self-proclaim visual artist. As to finally understand why I prefer that label than plainly calling myself as an "artist" and then maybe you can start creating your own and realized the health benefit it has been giving me. Recognized by psychologist and clinical science to relieved stress plus seeing the world in better perspective. Instead of stealing valuable energy from another human can argue with yourself here and still feel safe as not to go insane.