After Image, revision

Self-Portrait, at the end of the day
June 19, 2011
This piece was supposedly on the third page of After Image, but at the middle I decided to make it a separate work and finally had a work that might go into framing. That is if I remain with my original thought of the moment.  The intent of setting up a page that I will call "About the artist" make me chose to feature a self-portrait...but as I move on and found I needed a piece to at least reflect what Vincent Van Gogh was trying to let us experience, I pursue to make this a whole painting and then remove on the said Visual Manuscript. 
   When I had remove it...done and signed I call the work "Self-Portrait, at the end of the day" and yet I feel the work isn't over yet...I feel I need a little more polishing. That is where I start flipping the two first leaves of After Image...the cover and the preface and dissatisfied what my eyes are seeing....unlike last night when I thought the pages are enough.  
Revised, Preface page...

   Then here you shall notice how my tentativeness affect my arts...was it good or bad? Whatever. Now I pluck the pages and instantly revised the book...I want it to be more simple but striking so I took another plunge and recreate the book...the preface was also revised for I feel I could write a better introduction. That has always been a common occurrence among my art works...either I would lost interest in continuing or my idea leads me into another level. 

   I make it as simple as possible revealing the same intense brush strokes and retaining the title fonts that I have make into a collages....instead of the nude I replace the symbol as a fish.  As point of comparison I post the 1st and the revised version and here you shall see how I have merge the intro from the title. Time can tell again if I will go for this one or add some more images...or have it reconstruct for the 3rd time. 
   Here is the new Preface:

   While my other visual journal clings to a more personal self analysis; that is to say, the general public may not have the change to see them...and yet all my manuscript are inter-woven as a constellation of my evolution and the world that affect all of us. Therefore, as the 8th of a series , this collection will divert into a more mass-oriented Realizationism.
   The familiar desire to tell stories, commentaries, or express feelings via artistic manipulations which was (and is) sorted from experiences achieved on a daily basis. After Image aims to resonate a more define Realizationism than just "Random Thoughts" that are common from my other visual manuscript which are more casual and spontaneous. Inside, therefore shall traverse the echo of careful self-expression without compromising the importance of honesty.
   Adapting with the advent of internet, as part of the constant evolution of this Art...this book shall be further discuss and reflected upon on my blogsites. 
   The Journey of another realization has just begun....

signed: June 19, 2011

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