After Image, Preface

   Like all decent book it must have an introduction, this is the part you start introducing what can people expect from the author.
   I prefer this time a Preface for After Image, Episode 8. By the way I think I should enumerate what are the other visual journal:
   1. Realizationism, an artist journal...although it was given an introduction only around 1995 and finalize in 2000, the collection from this journal begun way back in 1986 during my self-searching. This is the largest book that I recycled using an old coffee table book. 
   2. The Quantum Fragment, the book where I start calling it as my Laboratory features bits and fragments of thought or ideas needing confirmation. This is still on process and it begun March 21, 2006 
   3. Same Ground, words beyond the with outpouring of my self especially during those time of distress and well, a venue to argue...
   4. Migration (2009) is a reflection of the constant changes going on around me. It mirrors also my travel from Pasay City to Laguna.
   5. Ecclesiastes is what I call my spiritual devotional journal and the drawing board for the art of Realizationism. An idea must have clarity so I am putting it all here. 
   6. A Whisper to a scream, lesser of those drawings and more of writing. 
   7. Stolen Moment, is a book that I grab to sketch what is before me...

Transferring the DRAFT and final edited edited version
   Now After Image will be taking you on a new dimension. Perhaps the only visual journal the masses will be allowed to peek into. Innovative since it will coincide with this series of blogs. It will give you updates on its process from day one till....
   After making the draft for this book I finalized the preface, I search and saw an unfinished drawing and realized it is a nice item to write over these preface...

   While I was taking my cue on the gradual flow of events from instances crafted by collective minute detail...I saw (again) the urgency to assemble another visual manuscript.
   As the 8th of a series, although inter-woven as a constellation came as a tiny spark of urgency. The familiar desire to tell stories, commentaries, and express feelings via imagery and written languages -- sorted from experiences achieved on daily basis.   AFTER IMAGE,  aims to resonate a more define Realizationism than just Random Thoughts common from my other visual journal which is more casual and spontaneous.   An innovation unlike my other hand-crafted books that this journal shall be further discuss and reflected upon on my blog WISDOM OF A FOOL therefore, you will have the chance to take an in-depth look or probably get the glimpse on its processes or progress. As to why certain image/s appear including the emotional aspect attached into it. The Journey of another Realization has just begun.
 (signed Fernando Ymas)
June 12, 2011

   That is how it goes so far at this stage. I'm still contemplating on some ad on for I am still not satisfied on images put inside here. As you can see my original intent was to put it on Wisdom of a Fool but I saw it would fit on my blog about arts in general. I carefully selected details on this page from the quick strokes on all sides down to the cut-out letters; to show that "I do not believe in accident"...everything here was pre-ordained and valued before it hits the Platform. Texture, lines, colors and symbols are placed as I saw fit. 
The Preface Page

    I have expired the whole evening up to near dawn to finish all these and BLOG. 

The signature and date started.



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