Issues with Artistry

A good art work must be able to capture attention from the first millisecond, retain interest for at least 10 seconds BUT a whole lifetime for appreciation...
   Starting from a blank platform a Creative is face with  challenges to present images that will reflect what is inside his heart. Our world views either right or wrong must came across to our audience. First act is by representing the closest possible interpretation of our thoughts using lines, textures, shapes, and colors. 
   Why did I say either right or wrong? Can an artist get away with anything as long as he has technically create a beautiful piece? This is what we will try to expound here, to classify what is ART. Art covers wide range of discipline from painting, music, film, acting, literature, photography, teaching, and fashion among the few. In fact, we can attached 
Art almost in anything we can think of; 
like the art of public speaking or culinary arts. 
   Does it mean a photographer will just sporadically shoot things around him; put it on prints and then call them art? As an artist we must recognized our social responsibility and moral standards. When we speak of morality and society we rarely include artist on the top list of person to blame in case these two important aspect deteriorate. We almost always emulate artist as creator of beauty and therefore too remote to be influential and merely consider as just a reflection or sponge of societies accumulated dirt. What people fail to see is that they were actually prime "mover" of change...and they set the standard on almost any public representation we see. 

   Nude painting isn't the only concern for moralist. Even without nudity it can be classified as a smut if it shows filthiness and absurdity. Do we need censorship too in Painting? Of course that would be too could mean violation of our freedom of expression BUT then again some freedom are abused...
   Once the artist perform he or she MUST be ready for criticism or else they will have to bury their works under their bed or sing only in the bathroom. Even great Masters fail to realized their importance in shaping the moral fiber of the society. Than just mere recording of images an artist must also promote value...yet moral values also vary from culture to culture or personal preferences. It is therefore hard to assume that every tongues and tribes shall accept your views. The willingness to accept may be the answer to all these confusion as to whether we listen or rather speak.  


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