Overwhelm them with Positive Things

Open rebuke is better than secret love. -- Proverbs 27:5

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What's going on? I couldn't believe what my senses are experiencing. Good things are being ignored now and sometimes worst, those people who share good news are ridiculed. Most people have lost their sense on what is good...because we let it happened...and maybe because over zealous God loving people pester us with too much of love and faith...Darkness hate the light, and the world have embrace darkness unknowingly. 
Well I'm not going to nag you on these,  but as usual I feel compel to speak out 

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What does human produce...The number one is armament, next liquor and cigarette, third is pharma...on the internet is pornography. What kind of people have we become? 

“In the scientific world the question of pornography effects is no longer a hot issue. It’s really not debated anymore. The scientists and professionals are no longer ‘pretending not to know.’ The new pornography commission is almost redundant. Everybody knows that pornography can cause harm, it can also change people’s sexual appetites, values and behavior. . . . It’s a power form of education. It can also condition people into deviancy. It can also addict. There are too many articles in the scientific journals as well as current books reviewing research attesting to this for anybody to deny its effects anymore.”-- Dr. Victor Cline

The solutions already exist. 

Follow this link to see that online showcase above....

Welcome to my Love-hate relationship with paper. The story starts during the first day of our summer visual art workshop at Cultural Center of the Philippines, when our teacher crumpled the paper and asked us (the work-shopper) to draw them...and that begun to re-awaken my dream as an artist.

"Pulp Fiction" 
oil on paper

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