The Values of Value

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It really surprises me that I can still surprise myself. By merely focusing on tonal values I can now create better likeness with ease. It started with that trial on a Jordan Peterson painting that I made....basically the blocking technique where I manipulate the surface to copy the subject came from a method of Andrew Tischler but the importance of values came from every other videos who seems to talk mostly about it. Me too, I casually talk about it but never really taken that into serious focus until Stefan Baumann's inspirational and conceptual lecture brought me into its utmost importance...specially the lighting. 

   How to divide the image into chunk and the relative surrounding shape, shade, and simply looking at the shapes of tones and not really minding anything else I could actually replicate complicated images. 
   Still trying to adapt on this method...will be another journey to follow...

The magnetism is coming thru as you command all the water to follow...

work in progress


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