As an Inspiration

A definite goal...what is success to you...not from anybody else? For obvious reasons the "means" have become the pinnacle of success instead of what we really wanted in our life. Gold is simply an object or the means where we could trade them for other things or as beautification....or simply put to fulfill what we a vehicle to reach goals but others have made the automobile an end it itself....and so I have to do another thinking. 
   So, okay although I have set my path on different perspective which is living by the beauty of the moment....with lots and lots of common sense actually. 
   I'm just very grateful that I can still paint...have you realized the values of these art materials?  Just the ability and having the opportunity is enough to be cheerful for...some people don't have that privilege or luxury of time. 

So I just paint...maybe to become at least as an inspiration from the hassle and bustle of this crazy world. 
   But are you going to have a fair battle? 


   And yes we know that it has always been the push and pull between the good and the bad. We are in the world but not of the World.... constantly press from all sides. We carry our own....yet Yahuah God will never forsake us, those who believe and trust in behalf of  Christ Yahusha's name who redeem us. 
   How could the inspired lose hope? It's my goal to inspire people. 

I don't wait for inspiration...I create inspiration.

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