Prize For Professing Faith, Filipino Roots, Trump declared Jesus as Lord,

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A bamboo etched with "Surat Mangyan" one of the four remaining ancient Filipino script... inscribed here is a metaphoric poem with 7 syllable line called Ambahan. 
Bamboo tubes were often used by Hunano Mangyan of Southern Mindoro to convey messages with each other.

Looking back now to the History of my people in a brand new light.  Realizing that we are really missing a lot of things not truly understanding our past...a history that was lost or stolen by evil group of men dedicated to eradicate the true identity of Filipinos in the eyes of God and men. 
Thanks for the brand new revelations...Probably would be talking more about this stuff in days to come. Philippines had always been known as refuge for those Nations who are thrown out of their country because of Political and Religious differences. If not here on my more radical blog "Wisdom of a Fool" because people who follow my Art sometimes  doesn't want me to connect too much on my Spiritual vision. 
Yes, I lost followers and get very few Likes for professing my faith in Jesus. Many Christians unfortunately want to stand on safe distance. No I was never ashamed even once to share the Gospels.  

In a world in war with Christ Jesus, where His name was taken in vain a million times is significant that a Leader of the Most powerful nation on earth...not only say His name but also refer to him as "Our Lord and Savior".... I was referring here about Donald Trump's message for this Holiday season. Click to watch the video HERE. Must see folks. 

And it reminds me of how truth was marginalized. Lawlessness has indeed follow the Ruler of this World. Many of those who tried to speak up were unpopular, hated, and even put to death...
Elijah standing alone against the 300 prophet of Baal while the rest of Israel was silent, Many times they plotted against the life of Daniel for serving God, John the Baptist, the voice crying in the wilderness, was beheaded, Paul during his trials in various Roman courts....Peter was said to be crucified upside down....
THINK of this now...These whistle blowers only message was PEACE....and Like our Lord Jesus Christ they all died for it.
...and you still think this world is alright?

Haven't heard a US President spoke that way for a very long time now nor any country leader of this generation.  

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"Who do you think you are?" Avoid saying that phrase, it's the most hateful bullying words you shall measure against your fellow.


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