The Far East, Rising Sun, and Time Zones

No automatic alt text available.If Japan is known since Ancient time as The Land of the Rising Sun, and Manila bay is noted for it's magnificent Sunset, therefore the International Date Line is inaccurate and the time zones are in errors. The Day starts and End in the Phils. The movement of the sun and moon can be a clue here. 
....and by the way The Philippines is always refer to as the Far-East. 

As a Visual Artist I'm not going to pretend that I knew sciences very well. Mathematical equations are boring. Relying most of the time in Common Sense, which is not on academic level but base on personal views and the reality how we can perceive it, as it is. 
There are known fact, Factual realities and indisputable narratives out there that does not contradict the known.  In that sense as well....what some of us considered true can be false. There are a lot of information out there which are actually misinformation handed down generation upon generation from disinformation campaign. Histories are written by the victors and we rarely get the views and opinion of the defeated. 
We have to understand that the half empty and half full analogy is always at play from a point of view of someone who is telling the narratives. Biases can do far reaching damages even for a very long time. There are uncorrected  legend being pass on, and again sometimes the noisiest crowd are often heard more clearly and remembered despite being not absolute in judgment. 

A truth seeker's job is to test every spirit. I was just thinking, maybe temporarily Christians will be disproved by the evil ones.... some will be tested in courts, brought to Judges for spreading false information and creating chaos. 


History is filled with murder of saints and Truth. Yahusua Jesus himself was sentenced to death for challenging the popular worldviews. It happens all the time. Truth was always marginalized in this lawless planeT.
John the baptist was beheaded....

God Culture is also a Voice Crying in the wilderness...just check the Related topic and you get too many Deceptive information in Youtube and more so even inside the churches. It's quite painful that the Truth are marginalized. Let's spread the word as much as we can because so many are lost.
We knew this fact in our personal life right? I thought I really knew what I need to know about Christianity. It is truly wise to question everything.
Like my recent request to check Baybayin...I did my own research and so far, quite unexpected that it might actually had some occult connection. I'm not quite sure yet in my findings but my accidental visit to the National museum today seems to be Yahuah's way to show me to check further.
Once again TGC, thank you so much for waking me up to challenge tradition. Glory to Yahuah God.

Here are some words from YouTuber that might help the haters understand:

Throughout history those in the wrong have always been angry and hateful toward those who were in the right. A lot of these comments prove what I mean. The FEs are either wrong or right but at least they remain calm and for the most part don’t mock Globers. But The GEs always mock, accuse and use profanity to describe the FEs. I guess the anger stems from the fear of being made to lose their warm blanket of denial and opening their minds to new possibilities. People fear change. Adopting the belief that your human superiors have been lying to you in order to better control you is scary. So choose your pill; red or blue. Of course if you don’t choose, one will be chosen for you and you can go back into blissful slumber and occasionally lash out at people who prefer to stay awake. -- Adrian Waiting 
In all honesty anger is what is projected when someone's absolute truths are challenged. These people are so indoctrinated that the very idea of them being wrong and played manifests into rage. It's obvious that something is wrong. -- themes siah
♫ People say I'm lazy dreaming my life away
Well they give me all kinds of advice designed to enlighten me
When I tell that I'm doing Fine watching shadows on the wall
Don't you miss the big time boy you're no longer on the ball? ♪♫ -- 
John Lennon (Watching The Wheels)


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