Monday, May 30, 2016

Life's Turning Point

Beauty, Brain, and Blue 

Last night, I had some chit-chat with various friends with different experiences to tell...and I was burdened in spirit to tell my drama in life as well:
Regrets in life? Perhaps enough to fill a whole sheet of pad paper. I consider my return to Visual Arts a couple of years ago as my second chance to make things right. 
Along side my desire to share my talent to the world, I also wish to impart those lessons I have learned being a prodigal son...
I can converse with you in angst, pain, hate, sin, depressions, and any of those unpleasant thing in life because I've been there and I sincerely pray that you don't need to experience the same traggic path...with these lessons as my testament-- I make things light, tell them in humor or sometimes in crazy anecdotes but seriously these lessons were a lot easier for me now because I've given my life to Jesus Christ. That's me...a sinner living under the grace of God. 
I hope, you would also see The Gospel of Christ moving in my life. Returning all Glory to God.

Bigla lang akong nag-worry dun sa mga Fun Apps na nag-bibigay ng mga resulta, kung sino ang ka-Look a like mo, Whose your best friends, name of your angels, Future job, etc...
Hindi bat ina-analyzed nyan ang ating profile and everything we put in the Triple W?
Hindi kaya pinag-aaralan na tayu ng mga Hilominati? Hahaha
ayan na ang mga constipation theorist nagkakagulo na!!!
Malapit na sigurro talaga ang Rapture!


Friday, May 27, 2016

♫There were no violins...There were no soft guitars
Hot summer love under the city stars
I was Mister Dynamite..and you were my only girl.... ♪ 
Violin on my Head
12" X 9"
Coffee on paper



The Power of Life's Quest-ions?

Painting for the naked-eye....
Man-made lenses can't see what God's inventions can.


Manifesting  that thought pattern among the people in my immediate surrounding (now including the internet) those things that I want to happen in my career Life in general as a very Wealthy and Famous artist painter celebrity. The vibrational sound of my Higher self all-embracing mankind. It is not a lost New Age thinking but that which is directed by the purpose of God. Jesus Christ don't want us to be powerless in these times of distress to come...He is giving me wealth and wisdom to surpass all the things to come. 

   I am creating questions that will eventually put my life in prosperity, sending them out to the Universe so the universal consciousness will be aware of my needs. 

Suboptimal thinking is when you ask questions like, “What’s a good/great way to do this?” or “How can I solve this?” Optimal thinking is when you ask, “What’s the best way to do this?” or “How can I solve this in the best way possible?” It may seem like a subtle and unimportant difference, but when you start applying this rule to your life, you’ll see an improvement in results.

   There is power in Word/s that we say...Jesus himself is a Word made flesh. 

   What is the best action so that people will patronized my Artwork?
   What are the Best word I can use to sell my Art so that they may want them to own? 


This (below) is what I called the Scratching Phase (optional) ito yung pagka-tapos ko mag-lagay ng makakapal na pintura ay kakayurin ko rin pala tapos papatungan ulit. Also called "Frustration Stage".... kapag sa tingin mo masama na ang ihip ng hangin, pwedeng lumabas ka muna at libutin ang iyong hacienda (naks!) tapos makipag-tsismisan sa mga farmers...or balik ka na lang sa Pisbuk at punuin mo ng Angry emoticon lahat ng post na makita mo.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Teared, Torn, Text, and Timber

Recognizable element of my art works are those teared or small torn papers with letters or writings which records my thought during the moment of its creation plus the wooden wall or planks and of course the frames or framing which divide the element. 
   You will also notice that my use of symbols doesn't divert very far from times in can be classified as a trompe l'oieil. I like to represent common things and the usual things that are often taken for granted or those things that are in my immediate reach.
   This insignia style appears accidentally during my Self-discovery phase right after the CCP visual art workshop (1985) and during that time, perhaps I was the only one with that characteristic...but now, I've seen several almost similar works....and maybe I can assume that they somehow able to spread this style...the internet has shrink the world very greatly.
   Those images came spontaneous but I carefully analyzed which item will go or where to place them, and some additional non-copied elements too and then at times stylizing to fit the thought I had in mind. During my early stages before I was greatly consumed by the domestic world, I frequently use pencil (Mongol) to represent that idea..or the concept in itself....


Friday, May 20, 2016

CCP Days Flashing Back

I've always considered one of the happiest days of my life was being part of 1985 CCP Visual Art Workshop. It was at the Cultural Center of the Philippines that I was reborn as a person. The birthplace of my artistry...

Thanks that thru my mentor Arnel Agawin I was able to see again two old-buddy Mannet Villariba and Ferdinand Ladeza, whom this photo came from...I can't barely name them all... 

and I remember that first sketch that ignited that dream...a crumpled paper.

and I've lost mine...

The Hypocrite and The Self-Righteous Divinity

But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of stress. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, ARROGANT, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, fierce, HATERS OF GOOD, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. (2 Timothy 3:1-4 RSV)

Evoking literally means calling with energy. So your thoughts and sentiments will generate a pattern of energy that will attract extraphysical consciousnesses that have affinity with that pattern.

a work in progress.... while moot-pointing abstract ideas way ahead into our immediate future as a Nation.

What kind of collective mindset our people had now...Look at those commenting on my Post about my personal views on Death penalty, summary execution, etc...

I have to admit, maybe, I am being Self-Righteous real life it is really hard to apply genuine how do we do that? Self-control? I think I have to achieve some level of spiritual maturity to truly be more forgiving, more selfless, and really understand the point of view of others no matter how cruel they are. 

We are just at a different level of awakening.... and by these understanding, we welcome the awareness to easily be more passionate and loving towards other, even if they are not lovable.  

Think I'll just preserve this words of wisdom that I've shared or word of disintegration...

Well, since the collective mind of the Filipino people have already chose President-Elect Duterte, Let us give him a chance..Pero wag kayong mag-Speaker for him kung hindi naman parehas ng plan ni Duterte ang isip nyo.
Syempre, may mga critics na katulad ko, dadami pa kami kung ganyan ang mga sagot nyo sa issue...I hope lang, hindi kayo ang kuning adviser ng bagong administrasyon.

Kelan pa naging Hobby ng mga Pinoy ang pag-danak ng Dugo?Humarap nga kayo sa salamin, makipag eye to eye sa sarili, at sabihin ng paulit-ulit ang "PATAYIN ANG MGA KRIMINAL! PATAYIN ANG MGA RAPIST!" Tignan nyo wala pang 5 minutes may Sungay na kayo. grin emoticon Hindi ba't KRIMINAL na din kayo nun?Okay na sa akin ang DEATH PENALTY na may DUE process kaysa naman gusto nyo ng SAMPLE sa kalye ng mga Death squad???. Hindi tao mga mangmang tungkol sa Police brutality di ba? Nakaka-Adik ang sample, maghahanap pa kayo ng maraming sample syempre...WOW ang sarap pumatay ng Rapist! Hindi ba Gusto nyo ngang ma-Sampulan na ma-RAPE ang aming mga Anak, kapatid, at kaibigan... paano kung kayo ang ma-sampulan? DAHIL KUNG ANO ANG LAMAN NG PUSO'T ISIP MO.... YUN DIN ANG MAA-ATTRACT MO!!!! Mag-isip na lang kayo ng magagandang bagay. Tunay na solusyon hindi Hustiyang Wild Wild West.
You see, there are people who can Disagree without being Disagreeable. You can not change people point of view with hatred. In fact, you can not change Mindset overnight. 

Remember: We Fight to change Not to Punish. That's the code of war....and it applies to debate and discussion as well.
Well siguro nga pagod na pagod na ang mamayang Filipino sa Krimenalidad... gusto na nilang Justice style ay pang Avenger kind..."An Eye for an Eye". Na miss ko tuloy si Jackie Chan, kahit ang daming bugbugan walang namamatay!
For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.-- Luke 21:15Bakit ganun, sa panahon ngayon, ang naka-Sulat sa Bibliya ay naging OPINION na lang ng Diyos, at hindi na sya BATAS.....hindi na sya gaya ng dati...sagrado at ni-rerespeto. Palagay ko dahil panay ang kagat kasi ng tao sa prutas nang Good and Evil.
Nakakatakot ang taong punong-puno ng galit ang Dalawang linyang litanya ko... isang paragraph na agad ang tawag agad akong...Bobo, go to hell, hypocrite, idiot, makitid ang utak...chuva chu chu. hehehe 
Come on, yan ang mga tao na gustong matigil ang krimen ha?!

 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things-- Philippians 4:8

And there are mindset prone to evil....


On why we are called hypocrites and one sided:
Sa totoo lang naman talaga may point din ang mga Advocate ng Vengeance Justice (Sorry wala kasi akong ma-isip na ibang term)...because, kapag nandun kana sa situwasyon na Sinasaktan o Nasaktan na ang mga Mahal mo sa buhay, syempre bilang tao Magagalit ka. 
Kaya lang as I've said...The Law should be ideal. Hindi pwedeng NAKATATAK sa Mindset ng mga tao na kapag nangyari sayo yan Patayin na sila! Mag-higanti! Take matters in your hands. in other words VENGEANCE.
God forbid, baka kapag ako nga, Tadtarin ko pa ng pinung-pino ang mga Kriminal na manakit sa pamilya ko.
But the point is...No matter How painful it is...The Law should be Fair to ALL HUMAN BEINGS, even SUSPECT should be given opportunity to defend and explain themselves. Hindi lahat tayo ay ALAM ang saloobin ng tao.
For me, kahit I sound HYPOCRITE now, I chose, okay I always TRY to Look into LOVE...
That is ALSO the point why People Get MAD at your comment because you don't GIVE them the chance to EXPLAIN and Haters judge automatically with HURTFUL words...That hurtful words in itself is MURDER of character. AGAIN...YOU CAN NOT CHANGE A MINDSET OVERNIGHT...more so with FOUL WORDS.
I rest my case...
Hehehe Let's Start to be a Civilized once again not SAVAGES.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

About Brainwaves

I am on the process of understanding brainwaves, hopefully can utilized its potential in my artworks as well as in my daily living...

Brainwaves can be categorized according to their frequency:

  • Gamma     
  • Beta
  • Alpha
  • Theta
  • Delta
(100 - 38 Hertz = cycles per second)
(38 - 15 Hz)
(14 - 8 Hz)
(7 - 4 Hz)
(3 - 0,5 Hz)
Although logical thinking is often attributed to the left hemisphere and intuitive and creative activities are seen to be located in the right hemisphere, the Mind Mirror EEG in most people is quite symmetrical. Both hemispheres are very well connected, and even though there are brain activities that can clearly be located in one hemisphere (e.g. speech), most of the time both hemispheres are active.

The Mind Mirror display shows the brain waves according to their frequencies from top (38 Hz) to bottom (0.5 Hz). The strength of the signal (amplitude) is determined in how far from the middle the curve reaches outward.

Gamma brainwaves (100 - 38 Hz) were detected later than the other brainwaves, less is known about them so far. They have been seen in states of peak performance(both physical and mental), high focus and concentration and during mystic andtranscendental experiences. A lot of research is currently being done on gamma brainwaves in the 40 Hz range during meditation. One of the characteristics of gamma waves is a synchronisation of activity over wide areas of the brain.
Gamma brainwaves are not easy to detect because of their low amplitude and can only partly be displayed on the Mind Mirror screen. Sometimes they may be seen as a narrow frequency band at 38 Hz.

BetaBeta waves (38 - 15 Hz) are the brainwaves of our "normal"waking consciousness, of our outward attention, of logical, conscious and analytical thinking. High frequency beta ("splayed beta") is seen with restlessness, stress, anxiety, panic or while our inner critic or commentator is active. Splayed beta can be differentiated from the low frequency beta of the awakened mind, when thinking feels clear, alert, creative and to the point.

AlphaAlpha brainwaves (14 - 8 Hz) are seen when we are in a relaxed state, daydreaming or visualizing ("sensualising" seems to be more appropriate as imagination in all senses - hearing, kinesthetic, smell, taste etc. - stimulates alpha waves. Your visual sense may not necessarily be the strongest for you. Some people rather feel an inner knowing). We need alpha waves as the bridge to the lower frequencies of the subconscious (theta), if we want to remember the content of our dreams or our meditation, or if we want to retrieve information from our subconscious. For this reason alpha is especially important in combination with other brainwaves.

ThetaTheta (7 - 4 Hz) represents the subconscious. We see theta during dream sleep (REM sleep), meditation, during peak experiences and creative states. In theta we find unconscious or suppressed parts of our psyche as well as our creativity and spirituality. Theta images are usually less distinct and colorful than alpha images, sometimes of a blueish color, but they often feel more profound and meaningful. As long as we only produce theta brainwaves, their content will stay inaccessible to our waking mind. We need alpha to bridge the gap between theta and beta brainwaves to consciously experience or remember theta content.

DeltaDelta brainwaves (3 - 0.5 Hz) are the brainwaves of the lowest frequency and represent the unconscious. If we only produce delta we will find us in dreamless deep sleep, but we also see delta in various combinations with other brainwaves. They may then represent intuition, curiosity, a kind of radar, hunches or a "feeling" for situations and other people. Delta is often seen with people who work in therapeutic environments or professions and with people who have had traumatic experiences and have developed a "radar" for difficult situations.

You might have noticed that the "subconscious" and the "unconscious" are used here in almost the same way as there is no clear distinction or borderline between the two. Both states are normally inaccessible to the waking mind, and they are less close to our waking consciousness than a phone number that we usually know by heart but cannot remember in a given moment.

Let us agree to refer to the parts of the personality that normally are not conscious to us (theta) as the "subconscious", whereas the "unconscious" goes beyond the individual and includes the "collective unconscious" (C.G. Jung) and transpersonal aspects of consciousness (delta). 

States of consciousness: a symphony of different brainwaves
The different states of consciousness can be described as combinations of beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwaves. (There is still research being done on gamma brainwaves and their significance). Most of the time we see not only one category of brainwaves but rather a combination of brainwaves interacting in concert.
Wachzustand"Normal" waking state (Gurdjieff called it "waking sleep"): beta brainwaves alone or in combination with delta (hour glass pattern).
Please note that the amplitude is highest at 38 Hz, the curve is open at the top. This "splayed" beta is another form of beta than the low frequency beta of the awakened mind.

MeditationMeditation: alpha and theta in combination, delta may also be present.
Both alpha and theta are necessary here: without alpha we would not be conscious during the meditation or remember its content, if theta is lacking we experience a lively and colorful imagination but without the depth, profundity or insight of theta.


Awakened MindAwakened mind: You will produce an awakened mind pattern first described by Maxwell Cade if you add low frequency beta to the meditation pattern.
You will then be able to tap into the intuition of delta, the creative inspiration, personal insight or spiritual consciousness of theta, the relaxed, detached imagery of alpha and the conscious processing of thoughts in beta, and all of this simultaneously!!

Anna Wise and Maxwell Cade discovered that while producing an awakened mind information (the "content" of consciousness) can flow freely between all levels of consciousness if all categories of brainwaves are present and in correct interrelation to each other. Consciousness is then sharper, faster, more flexible and unique. The awakened mind is the key to creativity and connects the various levels of our personality. When the different brainwaves of the awakened mind occur not simultaneously but in close succession, the pattern is called a sequential awakened mind. Sudden deep insights and aha-experiences are usually correlated with a brief flash of an awakened mind pattern. Please note that in an awakened mind pattern there is very little high frequency beta that is associated with inner unrest, repetitive thinking, stress and analytical thinking. 

The awakened mind pattern is not only commonly found in yogis, but is also usually present in kids of pre school age. After school starts the pattern gradually changes and shows more and more high frequency ("splayed") beta found in most adults, whereas theta and alpha become less present.

This is an awakened mind pattern as it shows on the Mind Mirror screen:
Hirnwellenbild eines Awakened Mind in Echtzeit

And what kind of brainwaves are the best?!?

As Anna Wise states, it is not about spending our entire life in an awakened mind pattern, but to attain mastery of our brainwaves. Mastery means, we want to be able to be in the state of consciousness (the brainwave pattern) of our choice at any given time, and to achieve what we want to do with it. So flexibility and mastery is what we are looking for.

We also look at the state of consciousness and its content. The state (e.g. the awakened mind) can be seen as the "hardware", that allows us to process content (creativity, decisions in any area of life, health, spiritual growth..., the "software"). State and content are in interrelationship with each other, i.e. certain content can help stimulate certain brainwaves, and the different brainwave patterns can help to access various kinds of content.

Can you learn to produce an awakened mind pattern, the brainwaves of the yogis? Yes, we all can. We all had an awakened mind pattern in preschool age. With some practice and with modern equipment and technology it is possible even if you are leading a busy professional and private life. Find out more  here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Coffee Painting Procedures for Maria


I paint directly without penciling because I have the tendency to be more careful when there is a huge margin to commit error.


Do you see that part why I have to wait for the Coffee stains to dry thoroughly; because I'm just wasting energies scraping off the pigment in my attempt to add more layer.