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Life's Turning Point

Last night, I had some chit-chat with various friends with different experiences to tell...and I was burdened in spirit to tell my drama in life as well: Regrets in life? Perhaps enough to fill a whole sheet of pad paper. I consider my return to Visual Arts a couple of years ago as my second chance to make things right.  Along side my desire to share my talent to the world, I also wish to impart those lessons I have learned being a prodigal son... I can converse with you in angst, pain, hate, sin, depressions, and any of those unpleasant thing in life because I've been there and I sincerely pray that you don't need to experience the same traggic path...with these lessons as my testament-- I make things light, tell them in humor or sometimes in crazy anecdotes but seriously these lessons were a lot easier for me now because I've given my life to Jesus Christ. That's me...a sinner living under the grace of God.  I hope, you would also see The Gospel of Christ moving in m…
♫There were no violins...There were no soft guitars Hot summer love under the city stars I was Mister Dynamite..and you were my only girl.... ♪  . Violin on my Head 12" X 9" Coffee on paper 2016

The Power of Life's Quest-ions?

Painting for the naked-eye.... Man-made lenses can't see what God's inventions can.

Manifesting  that thought pattern among the people in my immediate surrounding (now including the internet) those things that I want to happen in my career Life in general as a very Wealthy and Famous artist painter celebrity. The vibrational sound of my Higher self all-embracing mankind. It is not a lost New Age thinking but that which is directed by the purpose of God. Jesus Christ don't want us to be powerless in these times of distress to come...He is giving me wealth and wisdom to surpass all the things to come. 
   I am creating questions that will eventually put my life in prosperity, sending them out to the Universe so the universal consciousness will be aware of my needs. 
Suboptimal thinking is when you ask questions like, “What’s a good/great way to do this?” or “How can I solve this?” Optimal thinking is when you ask, “What’s the best way to do this?” or “How can I solve…

Teared, Torn, Text, and Timber

Recognizable element of my art works are those teared or small torn papers with letters or writings which records my thought during the moment of its creation plus the wooden wall or planks and of course the frames or framing which divide the element.     You will also notice that my use of symbols doesn't divert very far from times in can be classified as a trompe l'oieil. I like to represent common things and the usual things that are often taken for granted or those things that are in my immediate reach.
   This insignia style appears accidentally during my Self-discovery phase right after the CCP visual art workshop (1985) and during that time, perhaps I was the only one with that characteristic...but now, I've seen several almost similar works....and maybe I can assume that they somehow able to spread this style...the internet has shrink the world very greatly.
   Those images came spontaneous but I carefully analyzed which item will go or where to place the…

CCP Days Flashing Back

I've always considered one of the happiest days of my life was being part of 1985 CCP Visual Art Workshop. It was at the Cultural Center of the Philippines that I was reborn as a person. The birthplace of my artistry...
Thanks that thru my mentor Arnel Agawin I was able to see again two old-buddy Mannet Villariba and Ferdinand Ladeza, whom this photo came from...I can't barely name them all... 
and I remember that first sketch that ignited that dream...a crumpled paper.
and I've lost mine...

The Hypocrite and The Self-Righteous Divinity

But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of stress. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, ARROGANT, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, fierce, HATERS OF GOOD, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. (2 Timothy 3:1-4 RSV)

Evoking literally means calling with energy. So your thoughts and sentiments will generate a pattern of energy that will attract extraphysical consciousnesses that have affinity with that pattern.

a work in progress.... while moot-pointing abstract ideas way ahead into our immediate future as a Nation.
What kind of collective mindset our people had now...Look at those commenting on my Post about my personal views on Death penalty, summary execution, etc...
I have to admit, maybe, I am being Self-Righteous real life it is really hard to apply genuine how do we do that? Self-control? I …

About Brainwaves

I am on the process of understanding brainwaves, hopefully can utilized its potential in my artworks as well as in my daily living...
Brainwaves can be categorized according to their frequency:

Gamma     BetaAlphaThetaDelta(100 - 38 Hertz = cycles per second)
(38 - 15 Hz)
(14 - 8 Hz)
(7 - 4 Hz)
(3 - 0,5 Hz) Although logical thinking is often attributed to the left hemisphere and intuitive and creative activities are seen to be located in the right hemisphere, the Mind Mirror EEG in most people is quite symmetrical. Both hemispheres are very well connected, and even though there are brain activities that can clearly be located in one hemisphere (e.g. speech), most of the time both hemispheres are active.

The Mind Mirror display shows the brain waves according to their frequencies from top (38 Hz) to bottom (0.5 Hz). The strength of the signal (amplitude) is determined in how far from the middle the curve reaches outward.

Gamma brainwaves (100 - 38 Hz) were detected later than the other brainwa…

Coffee Painting Procedures for Maria

I paint directly without penciling because I have the tendency to be more careful when there is a huge margin to commit error.

Do you see that part why I have to wait for the Coffee stains to dry thoroughly; because I'm just wasting energies scraping off the pigment in my attempt to add more layer.