The Power of Life's Quest-ions?

Painting for the naked-eye....
Man-made lenses can't see what God's inventions can.


Manifesting  that thought pattern among the people in my immediate surrounding (now including the internet) those things that I want to happen in my career Life in general as a very Wealthy and Famous artist painter celebrity. The vibrational sound of my Higher self all-embracing mankind. It is not a lost New Age thinking but that which is directed by the purpose of God. Jesus Christ don't want us to be powerless in these times of distress to come...He is giving me wealth and wisdom to surpass all the things to come. 

   I am creating questions that will eventually put my life in prosperity, sending them out to the Universe so the universal consciousness will be aware of my needs. 

Suboptimal thinking is when you ask questions like, “What’s a good/great way to do this?” or “How can I solve this?” Optimal thinking is when you ask, “What’s the best way to do this?” or “How can I solve this in the best way possible?” It may seem like a subtle and unimportant difference, but when you start applying this rule to your life, you’ll see an improvement in results.

   There is power in Word/s that we say...Jesus himself is a Word made flesh. 

   What is the best action so that people will patronized my Artwork?
   What are the Best word I can use to sell my Art so that they may want them to own? 


This (below) is what I called the Scratching Phase (optional) ito yung pagka-tapos ko mag-lagay ng makakapal na pintura ay kakayurin ko rin pala tapos papatungan ulit. Also called "Frustration Stage".... kapag sa tingin mo masama na ang ihip ng hangin, pwedeng lumabas ka muna at libutin ang iyong hacienda (naks!) tapos makipag-tsismisan sa mga farmers...or balik ka na lang sa Pisbuk at punuin mo ng Angry emoticon lahat ng post na makita mo.



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