Life's Turning Point

Beauty, Brain, and Blue 

Last night, I had some chit-chat with various friends with different experiences to tell...and I was burdened in spirit to tell my drama in life as well:
Regrets in life? Perhaps enough to fill a whole sheet of pad paper. I consider my return to Visual Arts a couple of years ago as my second chance to make things right. 
Along side my desire to share my talent to the world, I also wish to impart those lessons I have learned being a prodigal son...
I can converse with you in angst, pain, hate, sin, depressions, and any of those unpleasant thing in life because I've been there and I sincerely pray that you don't need to experience the same traggic path...with these lessons as my testament-- I make things light, tell them in humor or sometimes in crazy anecdotes but seriously these lessons were a lot easier for me now because I've given my life to Jesus Christ. That's me...a sinner living under the grace of God. 
I hope, you would also see The Gospel of Christ moving in my life. Returning all Glory to God.

Bigla lang akong nag-worry dun sa mga Fun Apps na nag-bibigay ng mga resulta, kung sino ang ka-Look a like mo, Whose your best friends, name of your angels, Future job, etc...
Hindi bat ina-analyzed nyan ang ating profile and everything we put in the Triple W?
Hindi kaya pinag-aaralan na tayu ng mga Hilominati? Hahaha
ayan na ang mga constipation theorist nagkakagulo na!!!
Malapit na sigurro talaga ang Rapture!



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