Teared, Torn, Text, and Timber

Recognizable element of my art works are those teared or small torn papers with letters or writings which records my thought during the moment of its creation plus the wooden wall or planks and of course the frames or framing which divide the element. 
   You will also notice that my use of symbols doesn't divert very far from realism...at times in can be classified as a trompe l'oieil. I like to represent common things and the usual things that are often taken for granted or those things that are in my immediate reach.
   This insignia style appears accidentally during my Self-discovery phase right after the CCP visual art workshop (1985) and during that time, perhaps I was the only one with that characteristic...but now, I've seen several almost similar works....and maybe I can assume that they somehow able to spread this style...the internet has shrink the world very greatly.
   Those images came spontaneous but I carefully analyzed which item will go or where to place them, and some additional non-copied elements too and then at times stylizing to fit the thought I had in mind. During my early stages before I was greatly consumed by the domestic world, I frequently use pencil (Mongol) to represent that idea..or the concept in itself....



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