Lost in Dream-scape

I've made a lot of bad moves...I learn to smile and deceive. ♪♪

   They weren't even stirred by my work....it was dissolved and became a blurred non-entity amongst the competitor. I saw my fault...my weaknesses and error but quite too late I presume because I have declare an exit. 
   Those half-hearted strikes were parring only with the amateurish entry. I was just a nobody....nothingness lost in my dream-weaving. 

   I didn't took many pictures nor gave updates...let this day be forgotten, unwritten....it is not really about loosing....but because I've made a promise to take a bow and bid farewell...if I'm the only one to chose I would never give up but it was a decision I must take and swallow.....

   I've seen lots of frustration there at the event space....after the judging....was it similar heart-broken defeat crushing their heart as well? Oh that's life...anyway, most of them are too young to surrender. I was just hoping, they would get all the support they needed especially family back-up. 


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