Give Me One More Try

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Dormant for awhile on Political issues or even on domestic problem of this nation. I don't wanna jumble my mind for awhile...I want to concentrate on carving a name before they gave up on me. To my family, joining exhibits and contests have no real value and just worthless effort especially that I have not made any sale. You see the amount of resources I've put in joining these events and it isn't that easy to raise budget either. Recognitions can't be converted into cash too quickly if ever it has true worth it still worthwhile?
....and this jolting pains on my rib cage....not now....intensified pinching cutting through my bones...could be tiny veins in and out of my heart. 
   After all, there are circumstances that arises out of the blue....which lead believe that I am still destined for all this dream....I dream a lot. 
   So what if I stop? Where am I going? 

   A famine in North Cotabato...the protesting poor people were shots? What is President Noynoy doing? Campaigning.... 
   Despite the people clamor and high-ratings of Duterte, I still find him unfit for the job of Presidency. As a matter of fact, there is no one running on the said post that rings on my mind. I'm not a qualified voter anyway. 

   I need a big....BIG Break! 

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