Heat Wave

The heat is truly terrible and there were even reports of death and famine.... it is serious but what can we do with nature? Despite peoples qualms about Climate change and the over-rated danger of carbon emission it is not our business to play God. Another Tower of Babel tagline to entice mankind. 
   Lifesaver in the person of Sir Armar, during drought on events and commissions.  Like I've told earlier how this came to be....during moment of lows. 

Once again, it made me come into thinking the financial situations of artists how we were able to survive? Project doesn't come that often and selling was harder than climbing Mt. Everest....

   It is soooooo hard to concentrate in this above 40 environment....how can i be productive and my health isn't in tip top shape either. God do you wish me to stay longer? These are the only picture I've took during the Kunst contest....


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