To Prove That I Was Ahead of my Time

If you had observed some of the contemporary art pieces of this generation, you'll soon realized that they have similarities with my tear-out styles, tapes, collages, staplers, writings, etc...something uncommon during those times when I started the neophyte concept of it. I'm not sure if I was the first to create such style but I was sure that I've never copied them from was pure invention of mine...actually from an accidental coincidences as I've written on my journals during my PNC years and that was as early as 1985 after the workshop at CCP. 
   Some of these imitator are actually gaining popularity...well, I'm not sure if they directly got the idea from me but I'm pretty sure my style had spread somehow thru other means. 

   Anyway, that's life.... no one can really claim sole rights to my teared paper style and who hit the market first was the one luckier. 

at least being notice was such a big deal for a first timer....on National event...

Ms. Sam Lorenzo, artist and Gallerist checking my work 

Here are my early works..its value was never notice anyway during those days....


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