An Insult To Our Craft

Am I bitter due to the sudden gain of recognitions of contemporaries whom I consider still uncooked for such a great honor? They said it was just a small tap on the shoulder but I retorted to say it was a BIG slap to the ego. Was it really my sentiment that I should've been on that stage too? Honestly No but because I feel there is betrayal of trust and friendship. Admiration died and honesty, these respect dissolving. From now on I might not trust them anymore. 

   From and for those who are passionate at what they are doing....who make a living from the vibrations of their hypothalamus glands. It was like being stab in their heart if their source of energies and inspirations are being abused. The competition become stiffer where values and money play a major role. At the moment I feel lost, I wanna fight back....

   Yet, I've been doing quite a lot of thinking these past days...had this award truly loose my credibility or did it somehow diminish my chance of getting it to the top? after all, most of the awarded were my friends? There is just this scenario that I feel threaten... a possibility that an old 4S enemy is behind the intentional exclusion of 4S club. I don't know by I sense something really very wrong with BaKuSi...the awarded wasn't properly screen and some hasn't really made a significance in the art scene more specifically in the Facebook arena...except perhaps that they can pay the 2K entrance fee plus a donations of painting which they said shall be expenses for the said awarding event like dinner and rental for the space...but my reliable sources said he had read somewhere that someone shoulder the expenditures...

   The Big question now is...this might be a Bigger than Big Scam. I had a very reliable source who told me that for a foundation like that to be registered it has to have a Php 1M capitalization. What sort of action shall I do next? It seems the people behind this are expert swindlers. Some details I still need to clarify and I should be 100% sure to what I will testify....
   What if I get the lead?
   It might hurt close friends during the process if this blew to the general populace so I don't want to take real serious action like going to SEC or bring letter to NCCA. Well if it's okay to the majority of Filipino artist then I would be zipping my least in the meantime. 

Thus, this will still remain a draft until....

in behalf of 4S--Styles, Strokes, and Sketches Society I would like to make a formal statement regarding the recently concluded Bakusi Foundation awards which my flock of artists feels an outcast in the art industry and questionig its integrity since why none of our artisan was ever invited to submit resume or ever informed, due to this they felt it is politically motivated since the award is encompassing almost every Art community on Facebook and 4S was intentionally left-out. 
We will not question other issues thrown against your foundation but only those that concerns the welfare and morale of my members. We understand also that it is your first ever activity, so this complaint might be of help for you in future actions.
We are also clarifying that we have NOTHING against most of the winners except a few whom we feel are not qualified to received such an honor. And we will tell you why later, anyway....

First, let me enumerate the qualities of 4S why we should be questioning this Award...
We are one (if not the only one) of the foremost portraiture site on FB and one of the most dynamic site in giving away prizes higher than any other site here on FB and that is once a month. We have conducted several exhibits here and abroad, We had annual gift-giving for less fortunate children. We give away FREE shirt to our members, in fact, we don't charge anything to our members ETCETERA, to name a few, and not to mentioned the development of our artist's not just on technical level but also as a human being with values. (You can conduct research and interview if you wish to clarify what I am saying)
Now after stating those, are we now allowed to question the following:

Question 1: How was the Nomination and Screening process work? As I understand your organization started only this January 2016. 
Question 2:  is Bakusi exclusive to members, if so, then why sporadically awarding "Natatanging alagad ng Sining..." does your writer knew that it is translated as "Most Outstanding", which mean, covering the entire Art industry? in fact, it was broadcast on a major TV station...with renown Filipino artist as Ambassador.
Question 3: Why do you allow an awardee to foul-mouth other non-winners who are merely inquring on the said issues? Is that a ground for retrieval of his award or for him to step down on his throne? 

 As operation manager of 4S-Styles, Strokes, and Sketches Society; I had to protect the integrity of our members who according to the circular you posted, The award is given to invidual and groups recognitions who had excel in their field of artistic endeavor, including character etc....

I strongly believe that our Art group whom you intentionally ignore particularly our members is more credible to be included in the nominations more than the long dormant organization which was recognized in that event. More so, you awarded the leader of that group with such recognition that I personally can not stomach . For your information that Leader had a questionable character, who by the way is being charged by our Head Admin of Estafa and various misconduct during his membership in our group. 

To those who are saying this is sour-graping, mind you, 4S have accolades more than what you have now. This issuance is given to protect the name we have build for the past 3 years. 

So sayeth....

   But now I feel the award is insignificant on my trip...the echo doesn't stay...yet, one must remember that this questionable Foundation might do another harm in the proper flow of the art scene once again. But the above open letter doesn't fit plan must be aborted. I'm posting for future references and recording as well of this gloomy event in the Philippine art scene.



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