I Need a Cure

The Gift
16" X 24"
oil on canvas
As one realizes that dying could caught us unaware and it could happen in a painful journey into what is beyond...the fear or excitement could mingle together because it seems you are going into a blank space...shut off without remembrance...of missing your love ones. Have I done enough already to leave a lasting legacy?
   Needed so much a change of nearly every aspect of my life. The artworld could be that seducing...more inclined to the materialistic world...idolatries in some form or another. Lovers of themselves...lovers of the work of their hands.
   I fear and Love above all God. 
   Right at this very moment there are pains in my abdomen...jolting on my rib cage. 

   For sure I knew that the piece above will be bought right there at our group exhibits at the Lung Center gallery. That state of mind had been with me since I started working on it....that's how I can predict when you've truly focus and dedicate on excellence it wont fail and will come out the best. Glory to God....not me please, but praises to God. But I don't wanna over brag my Christian faith...always updating Christianize shout-out...I'm not that type....I'm ready to defend my faith at all cost but to appear so very religious and holy is something not to be proud of....humility Fher, humility.


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