The Path, establishment of the struggling artisan

Dreams are unfolding, these had all been what I ever be respected in the world of Art. Glory to God .....This industry or profession that I've chosen are what my earthly duty is all about. This is the direction God wanted me to go, anything that God has provided for you which is coming from your personal calling is exactly what Our Father had in mind for you...the path. The talent you had is the same tool you will use for His ministries...for the glory of The Kingdom of God. 

   I used to just imagine myself hanging my works on just within a few month into 2016 I already had two shows which was quite a surprise because just recently before these things occurred I was in a state of resentment because it seems my effort are just wasted. The PCAARRD mural brought me new understanding as well plus the fame, respect, and the biggest amount of money I've ever received from my artistry so far.
   Perhaps, God had let me had a glimpse on the matrix of death for these one reason also; that I may not value so much material gains because in the end all we return into nothing in a snap. 

   4S is in a state of shock at this moment, a pause or the excitement has gone weary. Love could happen that it was just the right time that Let's Paint Group of Norberto Villez activated to keep me rolling in the artworld. 


Time to give ways to new heroes....

Make no mistake about it...The talent you had is not given to you just to make you popular, wealthy, or simply a means to survive; BUT it is is the same Tool our God has provided for you to share The Kingdom of God.


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