The Power You Have, as it is

One day, you will have your voice heard...wait for the right moment when all the Noisy crowd ran out of things to say.
One day, they will turn around and have a second look at what you are trying to say....
Keep on painting.... keep believing...
My father believe that, we all deserve at least an hour of Fame in our lifetime. But are you ready when that time comes?
Into my self-analysis once seems a crack that I've overlooked is seeping in to distort my claim to fame or at least enjoy these recent achievement. I need to reconnect with my to enjoy the fruit of these outpouring blessings. I don't have to be guilty or shy away....this had been what I really wished all along.

So why do I feel tired, consumed, and less expectant? The real pain in my aging body... and yet many much older persons are stronger and living the fullness of life but now why me? What was it all about that I feel drain....
I've been suffering from unknown depression even if I have reach certain heights. Yep, I knew all of these already that I can simply change my perception and ev'rything will simply least on my mindset. How to maintain that joy? Perhaps, I was always to caring.... for others.

♫What’s there beyond sleep, eat, work in this cruel life

Ain't there nothing else 'round here but human strife

They say it’s difficult
Yes, stereotypical
You gotta be conventional
You can’t be so radical.....♪ ♪

It is when your material expectation didn't materialized. It is that uncoordinated thoughts again, and hesitation, and guilt. For no reason at all....
Circumstances....and true blue realities....and limited resources.
Never set expectations on those things that are beyond your control; like acceptance, fame, wealth etcetera. Those things are outside of us. You can Not expect everyone to Like you...there will always be haters remember. Like hoping to win a Contest, the power to win is not in your hands but in the hands of the judges. The best thing to do, is actually to do your best.........period. It can be achieved and it is within your power to control. Rejoice already when you are able to submit your entry. Call every finish artwork an achievement. Celebrate every step you have taken. 
If you set your goal that requires another persons approval, be ready to accept disapproval. The proper mindset should be, it is enough that you have communicated your request to that person.

Madalas ang tanong ng baguhang Artist, magkano ko kaya ito maibi-benta? Tanong muna natin kung sino kaya ang bibili? Ehek Mali... 

Ang tamang tanong, para saan ang lahat ng mga ginagawa kong ito.... dapat meron tayong ang vision ay hindi lang dapat magka-pag exhibit or maka-benta. State your cause...Like, para makapag-aral ang mga anak ko, makapag-donate sa mga cancer victim... panis na yung dahilan na gusto ko i-share ang talent ko. Eh di wag mo benta kung gusto mo lang i-share di ba? 
Dapat mag-open ka muna ng bank account sa Heaven.

We don't define artists by their tools, for tools are only there to serve the message. Art is communication. And real communication comes from the heart. That's the only call I want to answer.- Crista Cloutier

Ang Art minsan parang comedy yan. Nasa bato ng punchline.
Kahit luma na ang joke basta maganda ang delivery pasok yan.


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