The Full Cycle

The Luck could be falling into proper places now...and now as I can see clearer that God's way is always better. I asked for an Exhibit you gave a Gallery. More than what I asked for and expected, Marilyn a.k.a. Apple wanted me partner to manage the Art Gallery Cafe (Famous Food Bucket) somewhat like a curator.
I don't know why people trust me on these things. I'm not even expert or well verse on these matters. Perhaps it's because I care so much. 
♫ Oh yes! I'm the great pretender...pretending that I'm doing well.... ♪ 

Below, was my MC done in oil and paper... probably I'm beginning to understand how it works.... now maybe I can decide to be a true impressionist. They've just given me that title. 

I'm still trying to grasp what is it all about....I made my move...could be...and hopefully.... international.... 

Some people believe that life is a weird cycle but I don't. Cycles goes stagnate the person. Life should be spiraling outward....learning from the past and at the expanding outward. 


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