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Is really billing that important? And oh wow, Ambafrance Manille used my artwork as poster design... that was way ahead that what I expected. All the Glory I'm bringing this back to Father God in Heaven. Now I have the voice...or maybe starting to have that voice. This had been a long fervent prayers with literally blood, sweat, and tears. When opportunity strikes, cease it! Ask for the Lord Jesus guidance...

Fher Mission Ymas
“Aftermath, The Unheard Notices”, 32x32in., oil on canvas, 2015 

We've heard those voices calling, notices, grievances and it seems that these prophesies were written down on walls long enough not to take action for…

About the Artist: Born July 10, 1967, Fernando Missiona Ymas is a freelance Visual Artist from Biñan City, Laguna, Philippines. He is currently the Operation Manager of the very dynamic Art Group Styles, Strokes, and Sketches Society or 4S. He is basically self-taught and had spent nearly half of his life working on various odd jobs but just recently decided to leave his employment to pursue his passion for Arts.

Don't lose that footing...stay on what you cared for.... stay in the presence of Love.

From October 5 to 10, 50 works of art on the environment were selected by the AIM Managing the Arts 7 to show different expressions on the planet and inspire action to combat climate change.
The following artists are featured in this exhibit: Fher Mission Ymas, Romeo Lee, Sam Penaso, Mars Bugaoan, Ramon Bayron, Edchell Montillano, Louie Talents, Rogelio N. Bibal, Michael Blanco, Dindi Manlapaz, Hayden Sison, Aman Santos, Robert Alejandrom Lenore RS Lim, Toots Magsino, Rocilyn Locsin Laccay, Christopher Jude Defensor, Bob Nuestro, Aze Ong, Michael Art De Leon, HARTCKELY (Maria Cecilia "Mitzi" Veldad Pangilinan), Iwen Goalou, Jim Paredes, Gem Deveras Mañosa, Jamie Catt, Della De Leos, Agnes Arellano, Don Miguel, Jaime Nepomuceno, Henri Cainglet, Allan Cosio, Frederick Epistola, Sheila Villabroza, Antonio Luz, Coco Ong, Calene Ong, Mapoo Magracia, Jason Luna Tanjuakio, Nikolo Salazar, Jacque Tiongco, Francis Sollano, Lemuel Cunanan, Lotsu Manes, Van Tuico, Maxine Mary L. Tanjutco, Gwen Tan, Revoli Cortez, Lhean Villanueva, and Evelyn OR Garcia.
 French Deputy Head of Mission Laurent Legodec

   Some people believe that life is a constant cycle but I don't. Cycles goes nowhere, a purposeless redundancy stagnate the person. Life should be spiraling outward....learning from the past and yet expanding outward.


Join us for our other #ClimateWeekPH art activities!…

Ang Art minsan parang comedy yan. Nasa bato ng punchline.
Kahit luma na ang joke basta maganda ang delivery pasok yan.

Inside the world of Art, you're best defense and offense are always the Other Artist. They are the ones who will show-up and fill your exhibit 'cause they understand what it is all about. 


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