Destiny are Results of Spontaneous Decisions

   Aldub love theme of Eat Bulaga's KalyeSerye is undeniably a phenomena. It just came....the series of event just pop out and maybe we can say  that's how destiny work.    Destiny are strings of spontaneous decisions. We can alter the course of our future through every single steps we will make. . . at this very moment.

I'm starting read myself on the artistic area of my fact this is my entire life. Just found a perfect whisperer on this area, her name is Crista Cloutier and I've just signed to her mailing list and getting free resources and advise on her blog. So far, I'm filling in great info and advises from her and they seem to pedal up my I wrote something I've learned from her on my FB status...the essences by the way, to adopt inside the Philippine's art scenario.

Dahil may social media na. Sa mga struggling artist na kagaya ko. HUWAG na huwag kayo mag PM sa mga Gallery owner at mag send nang mga Artworks nyo. NO NO NO!!! Kahit kasing galing mo pa si Michaelangelo....Pustahan tayo DELETE ang aabutin nyan. Build a relationship first. Naka-bisita ka na ba personally sa shop nila? Nag-Like at comment ka na ba sa post nila? Ang ibig ko lang sabihin, magpa-pansin ka ng hindi halata. Hwag yung garapal. Mga busy people ang mga yan! Promise. Kung talagang mahusay ka, sila ang magpi-PM sayo.... "Hello Fher, mag exhibit ka dito!" hehehehe.

The work you do, I mean, everything you do, must come from the essence of who you are. As an Artist, this is where I get my idea.... and inspiration. The artistic juices always flow from there.

   Once again.... I'm writing and re-reading what I've learned earlier in my life. Something very valuable and good statement to live by. So my mind re-reads it again:
   There is No such thing as Equality in the known Universe. Once everything becomes equal the system will collapse. That's how nature works. There is only symbiosis or mutual relationship....  we have to learn that basic law in everything we do. Remember how the problem starts when Lucifer wanted to be equal with the Godhead? Envy starts when we wish to be as rich as somebody else. Life becomes unfair when we compare our ability with another. Everyone is unique and special in his own way...don't dream for another person's destiny. 

   Duality and Trinity are Pagan Religious concept, I don't know why Christians is trying to tie-up this concept in their worship.   

   I was thinking, and that was right, thinking again....everything had been all emotional these past months (years?) I was saying, what if I write a book. About how to fake a famous image....or How to be a Struggling Artist with Style. maybe something like that.... 

   Nah! You knew I would change my mind in the middle of nowhere. it is my weakness and at the same time the strength of my artwork. 

Aldub as interpreted by Elyona Jean


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