A Letter from France Embassy

There we're mixes of emotions when I open the inbox of my email. The loading time was teasingly very slow. To expect too much could be very disappointing and yet I hope beyond hoping. A prestigious show like this is that one big break I've been looking for....
   After I've sent that email Sept 26 with my entry I have various images floating on my brain. What if it was rejected.... no answer means nothing. It could make or break you. 

   The first thing I've check on the net was that result when Sept 29 came. I was breaking between jubilation and tears. The heading was enough to make me jump for joy. 

Congratulations Mr. Ymas!
The Embassy of France to the Philippines in partnership with the Alumna of AIM Managing the Arts 7 would like to invite you to exhibit your work: Aftermath, The Unheard Notices in the climate change themed show entitled “Map for Climate”. The exhibition will run from Oct. 5-10, 2015 with an artist reception on Oct. 6th at 6pm.

   I was so over-excited that I immediately share that on my FB status. ☺ Beyond words and a shaky feeling because rare moment like this never comes to often in my life after all the series of low times in my art life. I happily announce it to Bhel and the kids even if I haven't fully read the entire content of the email. 
   God you're so marvelous and great. I was literally down on my knees, laughing on my heart and crying on my mind. Finally, I've proven something to myself that I am truly good at what I'm doing. If I didn't make it, perhaps I would bask again in sorrows and self-doubt. 
    Yet, there it is.... I AM IN. 
   It was said that everyone in this world deserve at least a minute (or hours) of fame in his lifetime..... This was the very first time that I get more than 50 comments of congratulatory note on Social media... way too low to be popular I know, but these really mean so much to me. More that 150 Likes after 23 hours that I've posted it. I feel so blessed I have friends who appreciate my success. 

   Well, I can already call it a success just by being there at the venue. 

Archivo1984 Gallery from October 5 to 10, 2015. An artist reception will also take place on October 6, 2015, Tuesday, 6:00pm at the same gallery.

     So someone said I'm already a Brand name. That sounds cool. But let me stay humble please. In fact, I don't want to reply too much cause they might think I am bragging too much. 

   But after the news, it was a sleepless night.... songs and memories playing on my head. The anguish and pain...the joy and triumph... A surreal feelings all through out the day... it could launch me to places.... scared yet positive. 


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