Lingering Aroma

Dedication and Focus....very intense focus and concentrated patience was all I ever need. I usually give up or lose concentration very easily...thinking it was beyond my reach but now I've realized that i still have something to exert and more to release within me. 

Remembering my promises before that I would truly concentrate and refine my work but it seems I did only half of the effort. Patience and again I say concentrated and calm patience was truly a big factor in creating refined masterpieces. 

Doing it right at the very start or building the foundation properly is truly very vital. And that's the lesson I've learned these past days  while creating my series of coffee art without using pencil. Ironically that's what I've actually learned even without the basic sketches before beginning to lay colors...actually it has become my habit not to do sketches and go directly. It may not be applicable to everyone but it worked for me. It made me more sensitive, careful, and cautious on every detail thinking a step ahead each time I dip the brush. When you have no room for mistakes you will be more concentrated not to fail.   

What people don't actually see is that I had many mistakes between the pictures that I've post on my FB timeline. I can't compose things properly specially when I've tried using oil pastel....perhaps because I can not give what I do not have and I can not push myself to create what i do not feel. At this moment I guess my feeling was more incline to coffee art so it easily flows.... like recently my inclination was on color-pencils so I created more wonderful pieces with it. 

But I'm doing also some oil paint work for the August moon tourney and the Bible with hands commission that still lying on one corner untouched...I still can not feel doing it at this moment.  It's not going to be healthy for future clients if I let mood overtake me....

Thanks to my 4S family and the great artist within the group that I was able to realized my weaknesses. Just when I thought my work was okay they weren't actually good enough after all. So I push harder to beat my own record...yet I am truly enjoying everything now...well almost. I can do what I want and I'm free to express myself. Thanks for my understanding wife. 


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