Random Thought.... I don't have enough imagination to believe in Psychology


Behavioral psychology are based on the observable results, those things that can be computed and quantified.  But the mind, what's inside our thoughts can not be observe....so this was disregard by this so called science. Psychology is another field of science that was basically requiring great "faith". With the same goal as the theory of Evolution....to remove our divine qualities.... to redefine man as mere animals. Yet, there is another revolution going on 'Trans-humanism' .... upgrading human into Machine. 

   Everything point towards a single goal....that eventually we will all be gods. The same ploy used by Satan to entice the angels and mankind from the beginning of time are still the same tactics applied today.... from the Catholics canonization of Saints into mankind's evolution into extra-terrestrial creatures....or evolving into a floating consciousness in eternal cyber-space.    

Random Thoughts 
   I'm a Jumper....moving from one thought into another. I have very short attention span.... or  get bored easily repetitions. 

Thinnest of Thin

   My latest Obra marks a shift .... still learning as I create. My artwork now shall be more refine even if it seems I'm too old for details and smooth polish. The purpose isn't really to impress but to answer the very first challenge that was given to me  when I've first tried to present my work. 
   Another thing I also wish to answer on my art works is that we are not mere animals or machines.... we are spiritual beings that can imagine, create, set goals, and foremost our freewill. We have random thoughts which doesn't come from anything else.  

Much of modern education and all aspects of the social sciences are rooted in flawed modern theories of psychology. This has had and continues to have disastrous effects on individual people and society.


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