Fate...Let Go and Create

Creative people are not good guardian of the environment, we are consumer of resources...we don't recycle our mistakes, we kept them as future reference. We inhale and dispose toxic fumes. The best that we can do are inspire and share beauty... If we don't cut trees we would have no surface to work with... if we don't extract minerals there would be no medium to explore. 
God bless the Nature worshiper. Artist create gods for people to kneel upon. 
No hard feelings... we are gifted. 

Sometime ago when I left my job....I bravely decided that I would go full-time as an artist, that was really silly....Yeh right, follow your heart and fulfill your destiny. ...having two very young kids at the time to send to school plus domestic priorities etc....to cut the story short it was a very selfish move. But on the other side, it was also quite brave and what I really wanted to do...it takes lots of thinking and determinations....but to start from a total scratch was foolishness.... I have no connections whatsoever.... where to start was a wild guess....you can't just go in the artist circle with very little know-hows and announce yourself as an artist too. ☺ With so many great creative people in the world, particularly The Philippines.

   The real reason why I quit my job was actually so very painful....I can see the collapse of our company coming due to malpractices and greed....and I don't want to be part of it anymore. Maybe, I wasted the prime of my life for not establishing my future.... I was given the chances.... but my priorities and values had become distorted during my commune with the secular world... once again... the root of all evil. 
   So I left...Now, where am I? 

   Being part of 4S reactivated my dream which made me decide to go as full-time artist. 


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