Where Feel Good Preacher Fails

Never ever give up... one day your time will come. The least that I do now is to never expect too much....positive thinking could just make you disappointed in the end if results are the opposites. Although we write our own stories other timelines are being created simultaneously as well. Seeking material gain can conflict spiritual destination. 
   I'm on a new phase, renewal of paradigms and system update/upgrades. We should be living in realities and not illusions. Too much of everything can bring unfavorable results. 
   Expect the unexpected and don't put False Hopes on Idols.  Idolatry comes in many form....
   I need more furniture rearranging and would be discussing more on this matter soon. How I will live for today...with undying faith in God even if I don't become successful. 
"Give us this day..."
Acrylic on Paper 
12" X 18"


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