In Fragment Again....

Getting use with the pain.... but then at times you realized you are cornered in to a place and time where your life is useless and a mess. Those little choices you've made in the past are now building up and awakening into a monster. 

Bad luck sometimes comes in pair and even in troops....and if this misfortune had been there for the longest time it is no longer bad luck but sort of a curse. 

There are choices and even dreams we had that aren't really meant for us but we blindly listen to our hearts than reality.

This passion of mine had been very consuming and most of the time wasteful...though I wish not to call it a waste...maybe for now.... I can not construct my thought for now properly for the pain that still fresh.... my mind in fragment....incoherent and unreal....I'm decaying.... 

So my therapy continue.... 
I will survive. This one will pass away too. 

Elijah's drawing....quite good...never see him draw a lot.


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