The Mild and Fast Strokes

Wondering why the slow internet connection...was it due to some furniture rearranging or again another Smartbro glitches? I've been busy trying to make my little space inside the kitchen more comfortable.  

   Bought another sketch pad; a Berkeley 160 gsm @ 190mm x 270mm or 7.5" by 10" at P105. Which I am contemplating to turn into another Visual Manuscript...and if my calculation was right it would be my 15th art journal.
   Trying the grains of Berkley I draw "The Author" a sketch for Carmencita Aquino.   

   At times afraid of myself. A sudden burst of anger that formulate crime in the head as if I'm a wild man capable of such destruction.... do not let my hands grab evil and rebuke of malicious thoughts. 

   Now that I feel better...I must be very careful now on my actions and want...decided I would continue chewing garlic as a habit; what I can not control really is my nicotine cravings...How about the need to reduce caffeine on my system?  

   Made Thera 2....

 Still wasting paper.... and time. Consuming my precious energies on nothingness instead of focusing on commission that will give me earnings. 

   Couldn't believe that I didn't even make a mark to most of my classmates. I was somehow that easily forgotten. 



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