Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Mild and Fast Strokes

Wondering why the slow internet connection...was it due to some furniture rearranging or again another Smartbro glitches? I've been busy trying to make my little space inside the kitchen more comfortable.  

   Bought another sketch pad; a Berkeley 160 gsm @ 190mm x 270mm or 7.5" by 10" at P105. Which I am contemplating to turn into another Visual Manuscript...and if my calculation was right it would be my 15th art journal.
   Trying the grains of Berkley I draw "The Author" a sketch for Carmencita Aquino.   

   At times afraid of myself. A sudden burst of anger that formulate crime in the head as if I'm a wild man capable of such destruction.... do not let my hands grab evil and rebuke of malicious thoughts. 

   Now that I feel better...I must be very careful now on my actions and want...decided I would continue chewing garlic as a habit; what I can not control really is my nicotine cravings...How about the need to reduce caffeine on my system?  

   Made Thera 2....

 Still wasting paper.... and time. Consuming my precious energies on nothingness instead of focusing on commission that will give me earnings. 

   Couldn't believe that I didn't even make a mark to most of my classmates. I was somehow that easily forgotten. 


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fragile Life

Lately, I've been overwhelmed by unexpected deaths...of people I've known. Also of illnesses or sudden heart illnesses on individuals who had much better health than I am. 
   Just a couple of weeks ago there was an auction held for the hospitalization of Julius by concerned friends and was a sudden heart attack. He was now recuperating...  Then there was news also of Paolo Ballesteros mild stroke during the Eat Bulaga Bayanihan segment....then my mother just texted me a couple of days ago about the demise of Eduard Gatus, who also just fainted...then the other day Kuya Sergio the husband of Ate Nena (Bhel's sister) died unexpectedly...he fell on the floor hitting his head on a table. All was too sudden which made me realized how life could simply disappear in an instant.

   I never expected it could also occur to me personally....
   At this very moment I'm experiencing a mild stroke syndrome...quite sure it could be an attack...pinching sensation at the side of my left ribcage...nausea and jolts of a lightheaded sensation. Unusual tingling on my jawbone and fingertips; shaking legs and tightening of muscles and heavy burden on my shoulder and nape area.... 
   I can not let another problem be a burden for my family...I quietly dismiss this sensation all by myself. I took some known first aid or cure like taking garlic as the web....couldn't find aspirin so I took paracetamol instead.  

   It seems like I'm about to burst like a ticking any moment I could be gone. And then I made this therapy sketch...

   Now I've just realized that I am not invisible or super human after all....I could die unexpectedly after all.  

   Dj Kulot asked each one of us at 4S to present our Main Masterpiece to be posted as an album collection on 97.1 Hey Fm.... so here it is, it's gotta be this piece.... Go to Hey Fm Here 
   We are really so thankful that now we are in partnership with Hey Fm an internet radio whose base is for Japanese audience.

"Fragmented Thoughts"
Acrylic on Paper (Jan.2013)
14" X 10"


Fall Down on My Knees

Entirely a different sorrow sticking on my I here just to amaze everyone? don't worry about me, it's not unusual for me to be like this...I often shut myself away from the limelights. This short bouts of depressions would go away anyway at any moment of the day too...although it could stay for days. 
12" X 17.5"

The love - hate came from long time ago. It is still there...but I survived. The girl who had made me cry many times. Also the girl who had made me very special...her sweetness beyond compare.


My cousin Marilou shared this old picture of me with my sister ☺ it made me laugh and smile. can't remember when was this taken....ohhhh how time flies. 

© Fher

Friday, October 10, 2014

Returning to Oil

I knew it's just psychological fear...the allergy could be an invention of my mind.....from a not so distant memories. For my 2nd entry (above picture) for Artist Delight contest at 4S I used oil paint...Yet now I guess the allergic reaction was resolved. 
   In fact, I'm now beginning to love the medium. Thankful that after sometime with Styles, Strokes and Sketches Society I've learn some tricks and tips. And I'm just learning the medium. 
   By the way, the first entry I've made was in Acrylic....hate my camera. I really need a real camera but instead a bought a new phone. Which I thought would somehow level up the picture qualities of posting. 

   Probably I must download a photo editor...and that was not cheating after all, since I have this disadvantages due to my photo shoot. They look better anyway via the naked eye. 
   One thing more, now that we had many good artist joining the site, especially the young ones; I must level up my presentation and execution as well....

   The truth is I've often stopped....I could still extend further and give my best shot...the way I see it I didn't put much dedication.... and now that I'm old, and probably wont take long until I reunite with would be a good idea to create obra as if it is my last. 

Here's another oil for the main tourney...

© Fher 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

4S Pinay in Japan Awarding

 Pinay in Japan awarding September 28,Sunday....which I was not able to attend due to my hectic sked with Party Bitz... I got the third place for my color-pencil piece which was quite a surprise for me since I have to rush everything....pairing against paint medium can be tough now that we have new members who are quite good. Perhaps, I really must enhance my my age? I can already feel the waning of my prowess. 
   The Next Generation standing tall with The Veterans of Styles, Strokes and Sketches Society.Hoping to personally welcome you guys and gals next time.

Admin Marko Bello Standing in to present my work to sponsor's sister. 

Check Video Here:

Here I am while they are having a good time....well, you can't bypass an opportunity to earn...