Returning to Oil

I knew it's just psychological fear...the allergy could be an invention of my mind.....from a not so distant memories. For my 2nd entry (above picture) for Artist Delight contest at 4S I used oil paint...Yet now I guess the allergic reaction was resolved. 
   In fact, I'm now beginning to love the medium. Thankful that after sometime with Styles, Strokes and Sketches Society I've learn some tricks and tips. And I'm just learning the medium. 
   By the way, the first entry I've made was in Acrylic....hate my camera. I really need a real camera but instead a bought a new phone. Which I thought would somehow level up the picture qualities of posting. 

   Probably I must download a photo editor...and that was not cheating after all, since I have this disadvantages due to my photo shoot. They look better anyway via the naked eye. 
   One thing more, now that we had many good artist joining the site, especially the young ones; I must level up my presentation and execution as well....

   The truth is I've often stopped....I could still extend further and give my best shot...the way I see it I didn't put much dedication.... and now that I'm old, and probably wont take long until I reunite with would be a good idea to create obra as if it is my last. 

Here's another oil for the main tourney...

© Fher 


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