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Art Auction for Fellow Artist

Fellow Artist Julius Legaspi suffered a heart attack Sept 22, and it was quite a shock since he seems to be fit and still very young to have this condition.
   An Art Auction was open for this cause the next day and immediately support from various artist came pouring in sharing their artworks and the bid comes sporadically after that. 
   Almost everybody in the Philippine art scene know who is Julius Legaspi. His penchant for pastels are among the best most specially in still-life and his leadership in Walo art group lead the way into different outreach program.   

  I've first met Julius during the exhibit of Pitong Lawa festival at San Pablo, Laguna. He was kind and soft-spoken. I've met him about 3-4 times only and I sense that he would be an important artist one day. 

   I was on the process of making this artwork below...thinking what could or how would I be able to help. I have no available work since I'm preparing for my Japan show next month. Then it hit me, what if …
Everything happens according to previous moments.

Whenever I feel afraid or in doubt I need to come into the presence of Our Father in Heaven. I can not organize my thought for now...Yes, once again in doubt of my self. Talk about being successful.     Actually, I had great moments...2 events the other day and yesterday. 
© Fher

The Success Principle and PODER

Am I successful now by human standard as a man of Art? The fact is I'm still your regular artist whom my colleague love to dubbed as Master Fher. I'm changing the Title of this blog for the 3rd time because I'm not anymore focus on the struggle but on being an Artist. The end result for me now is the process itself. As long as I can still do what I want I'm already A success! 

   Is there really a secret for success? The fact is it's not a secret after all but a bogus marketing strategy. Everybody loves secret....the key word is the mysterious word itself. 

   Success defends on what you value in life. We adapt our mindset thru the suggestions of media. At the end of the day, our very own self will tell us if we are successful.      Therefore, why I am taking another big leap on this blog journal...    I will count my success on daily basis. The struggle would be irrelevant to me because after all this is my chosen path.     Every Struggling artist must realize that the…

The Ber Months

Busy months and days ahead for me....I can't discuss right now in detail everything so let me share some photos instead:
I'm so happy when I saw this....I had my own space @ Fred's Art Gallery. 

Had my face-painting gig in Brgy. Pansol, Los BaƱos, Laguna but quite unlucky I mysteriously lost my thousand bucks on my way home...anyway, meet the legendary Mt. Maria Makiling once again. 

Here's my little girl helping me do some of the details for Pinay in Japan contest. 

Trying to unravel the secret of parchment paper once again..... "Until When..."
8.5" X 11" 
Charcoal on Parchment

This is my on-going piece for 4S contest...Pinay in Japan challenge.

Alternative on Paper Love Affair

I'm into color-pencils these past days...trying to re-explore and learn even more about this emerging trends (?)  among collectors in the world art scene and engage myself browsing about the medium on the net. Found some very helpful tips and tricks. 
   I wonder how it feels to use Prismacolor (TM), I've heard it was one of the best colorpencil (if not the very best) and of course highly expensive too. For now, I'm using variety of color-pencils mainly Faber-Castell (TM). Found also that Best Buy (TM) exclusively available at National Bookstore is also a good one and also more affordable. But I'm not discounting other student quality pencils since the best materials actually depends on the handler's satisfaction rate.
   While most of my contemporaries are engage in watercolor and pastels as alternative medium, I'm trying to re-direct my attentions on one of the first art materials that I had the most familiarity probably since grade school. I weigh consequences…

September Bucket Challenge

October's been a long time since 4 SSSS had an assembly and finally now we are vibrating again. ☺

The veterans with the newcomers...

The artist/model who happened to be a PNCians...


Child's Wonder and Bonding Moment with Yona