The Success Principle and PODER

Am I successful now by human standard as a man of Art? The fact is I'm still your regular artist whom my colleague love to dubbed as Master Fher. I'm changing the Title of this blog for the 3rd time because I'm not anymore focus on the struggle but on being an Artist. The end result for me now is the process itself. As long as I can still do what I want I'm already A success! 

   Is there really a secret for success? The fact is it's not a secret after all but a bogus marketing strategy. Everybody loves secret....the key word is the mysterious word itself. 

   Success defends on what you value in life. We adapt our mindset thru the suggestions of media. At the end of the day, our very own self will tell us if we are successful. 
    Therefore, why I am taking another big leap on this blog journal...
   I will count my success on daily basis. The struggle would be irrelevant to me because after all this is my chosen path. 
   Every Struggling artist must realize that the process of creating art itself is already a path towards success and a finished piece is an achievement being realized. Success is Not based on what other people think but on what's on your head.   The Art world might set a standard for success but just move forward....originality is not base on what they say but what you think. 

Warning to Young Artist: Remember PODER
Practice- because perfection is impossible
Observation- because there'll be critics
Dedications- because there'll be moment of frustrations
Enjoy- because sometimes it's not financially rewarding
Re-share- because learning is a cycle.



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