Art Auction for Fellow Artist

Fellow Artist Julius Legaspi suffered a heart attack Sept 22, and it was quite a shock since he seems to be fit and still very young to have this condition.
   An Art Auction was open for this cause the next day and immediately support from various artist came pouring in sharing their artworks and the bid comes sporadically after that. 
   Almost everybody in the Philippine art scene know who is Julius Legaspi. His penchant for pastels are among the best most specially in still-life and his leadership in Walo art group lead the way into different outreach program.   

  I've first met Julius during the exhibit of Pitong Lawa festival at San Pablo, Laguna. He was kind and soft-spoken. I've met him about 3-4 times only and I sense that he would be an important artist one day. 

   I was on the process of making this artwork below...thinking what could or how would I be able to help. I have no available work since I'm preparing for my Japan show next month. Then it hit me, what if I donate this Obra? I was fighting several options on my head...I kinda like this work at the very process I've put in it. 

   What I've not realized anyway was that, it kinda creepy to have put those eyes on the mouth...who would want a scary painting hanging on their wall? So as expected, the bid didn't came as of now...
   To stress a point that was quite literal which is to say "Our intention creates reality...thru what we say and what we believe."
    So I can sense, it will not sell for now.... ☺ 
   Therefore I put up another offer...which starts at Php 1,000.oo plus I'm giving away the above portrait of Julius done this morning to the winning bidder. 

Horse's Eye
12" X 18" 
Acrylic on paper

© Fher


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