Alternative on Paper Love Affair

I'm into color-pencils these past days...trying to re-explore and learn even more about this emerging trends (?)  among collectors in the world art scene and engage myself browsing about the medium on the net. Found some very helpful tips and tricks. 

   I wonder how it feels to use Prismacolor (TM), I've heard it was one of the best colorpencil (if not the very best) and of course highly expensive too. For now, I'm using variety of color-pencils mainly Faber-Castell (TM). Found also that Best Buy (TM) exclusively available at National Bookstore is also a good one and also more affordable. But I'm not discounting other student quality pencils since the best materials actually depends on the handler's satisfaction rate.

   While most of my contemporaries are engage in watercolor and pastels as alternative medium, I'm trying to re-direct my attentions on one of the first art materials that I had the most familiarity probably since grade school. I weigh consequences on my head before I decided on this alternative medium (I call this alternative medium since I still prefer to scale the summit of acrylic) by taking visual note from my friends. 
   Master J's group and Sir Fredi's group explore the oil-pastel medium during their sessions. While still other busy themselves in watercolor...and between these choices jamming on my head, and actually almost jump into soft-pastel, a material that I had never used before.....the winner by gut feel is color-pencils by availability of resources. 
   As I've said before that I'm more at ease doing work on paper surfaces than canvas although they said canvas is easier to maneuver. Perhaps, it's my familiarity with various paper grade also which helped me with an advantage on this field. The portability of color-pencils also help in the process since I don't like setting up too many stuff. 

At Acacia Hotel courtesy of sir Jovi's (Jampack Sounds Rental) brother.

Nostalgia moment with my Batchmate in PNC...



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