Thursday, April 24, 2014

Communication Problem

While I was busy archiving my work on Tumblr, I think I should show you some of my latest pieces....nothing serious these past days.

   I think it's perfect timing to catalog my work, there is an unusual pain on my stomach that could kill me....Oh well, so far at this hour I've listed around 60 works already. 

Photo: Again, again, again....

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Archiving of My Artworks

I can not keep all my work inside my hard for record purposes I have to dish them somewhere. Hopefully this would give ease to my future collectors and for those who will authenticate my work in case I'm gone. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

New Blog and New Apprentice and New Works

It's not a portrait if you can not show the character and soul....
you are simply making an ID picture.

Photo: It's not a portrait if you can not show the character and soul....
you are simply making an ID picture.

Photo: ....and the experimentation continues.


He is my new apprentice Amirjan Porras....

Photo: Yan ang table ng artist. Well organized. :D
Linis-linis din pag may time.

Back to My First Love

I borrowed my daughter's watercolor to test my hand on watercolor again....this one was based on Vince Roque's photo. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Not The Usual Me

Photo: midnight break....
Can't face colorful pieces yet....and thanks I discover a Derwent charcoal and did some pieces...all basic and simplicity for now. Yet I can feel I'm not on my best form. 
   Well actually I have some work in acrylic with my new approach...

Photo: "Pag-lisan" (Departure)

Photo: False Prophet 
18 X 12
Acrylique on paper
"False Prophet"

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Marking A New Shift

Sorties of A Struggling Artist

That would be the title of an upcoming visual manuscript, if ever....
   Once again I was thinking of creating another art journal. I've lost count already what I have with me... 14 or 15 unfinished manuscripts? All of those stuff were financially draining, for purpose I am not certain yet if it is worth the trouble.
   Clearing my mind would be the task I wish for myself in the aftermath of what might have been my big break. Although ahead there are promises...even grander hope.... most changes are often painful. 
   I woke up early today (April 12) cleaning my studio or just a tiny space in the kitchen. I have to do myself a favor.... 
We can be crucified between two thieves:
Regrets of the Past and Fear of the Future.

This below was my direct reaction during the aftermath of Art 55...the sketch underneath has so many detail but I was lead to an automatism of the heartache and disappointment...of the moment. 

Photo: Hayyyy! Isang araw na naman ang lilipas, at ni hindi ko man lang na gamit ang napag-aralan ko sa Algebra.

Good day....
   It was so painful, and there was no one to cling to...even Bella don't understand this stuff. Yet again, I must run the race and carry the torch. The light bearer is tired and his hands now shakes....


   Once again, while I was thinking of creating something else.....this resolution came...the escape to turn out to be admired, even by Maestro Bueno Silva. 




Photo: warm up

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Art 55 Exhibit in Cabanatuan City. This is it !!!

A month ago it was just a casual chit-chat between me and Sir Fredi... Now the day had arrived. From the Ingress on April 3 until the day was an extra-ordinary blast because like what everybody estimated, it was perhaps the biggest gallery now in the Philippines. 

There were even works from the Masters like Manansala, Angkiukok, Joya, Malang, Cacnio, Ben Cab, among others courtesy of Robbie Rector. Honestly at first it was such a great honor to have your artwork side by side with them but when we learn that this work was for sale, I was a little off balance. Anyway, Sir Fred might have excite himself on this part but we understand this part. It is his birthday any way and we need to attract more patron for the venue. 

It was almost surreal when the opening day arrive... like any other show, there were unforeseen glitches but they were tolerable. 

Cabanatuan City Mayor Jay Vergara cut the ribbon and on this pic below his speech and send off...

My last on-the-spot composition before leaving....

For now, there would be no talk about the issue of forge works...I have chosen to move on but will surely reflect on these matter later on. While some people have chosen to remain bitter; I would rather enjoy the benefit of these opportunities. There will be more bonus up ahead. 

Tali Beach

Nasugbu, Batangas.... March 29-30.... It was such a wonderful experience, and thanks that I did attend this event with 4S because I was really hesitant due to the hectic schedules and I still want to add one more major work for Art 55. 

Our host, Dr. Elmo and wife Melanie Lago were truly nice and hospitable. We stayed at their rest house well taken cared of.

Photo: Artist's being deployed at strategic point....

Photo: House on a cliff Tali Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas

Photo: The Secret Cave....

Photo: Here I found my spot....


Monday, April 7, 2014

Reflections on Recent Event

First of all, I would like to thank Architect Fredi Agunoy for putting up this grand event. I should say it is a huge success after all, in spite of the heartache and disappointment. 
   So Fred's Studio and Gallery was finally launch, on the 55th birthday of Sir Fredi (April 4). Everybody estimated that it was probably the largest gallery in the Philippines. With over a hundred artworks on display plus works from the so-called masters and National Artist. 
   From the Ingress till the night of it's opening everything was smooth. The food were great...

   SO there goes the problem when a certain Robbie Recto included his collections of famous Filipino master on sale. The works of the masters became controversial when Mayor Jay Vergara's wife bought two works of Vicente Manansala. 
   Gromyko was the main man who crow first on FB and said that he had proof that these are forged...relaying this matter to sir Fredi; who acted swiftly and called the attention of the mayor. So Recto was force to prove that his merchandise were authentic...
    Wait let me reflect deeper and let us go slowly on that sale...
   That night on the opening itself, there was no problem. Even Gromyko said that these Manansala pieces were real and he was even jubilant of this sale. The only sentiment that most of us recent was that the focus of the night shifted to the masters. It was like a flyweight was matched against heavy weights. We learn something there that you can not do these kind of things. 

   But afterwards, I don't know when it started...perhaps thru Facebook when a wildfire of accusation came forward..... Fake Manansalas, Bencab, Ang Kiokok, etc.... Now we're done. 
   Mayor Vergara's wife cancelled the sale, as well as ours. Nothing was proven anyway...Robbie faced the issue but no one came forward...even Gromyko distance himself. We even held in custody the questionable artworks until said expert arrive. But No one came from those that accusation panel. It just turn out to be  a black propaganda against the huge success of the show. Only if....
   Now we're done with the issue...anyway, lessons are learned.  

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