Reflections on Recent Event

First of all, I would like to thank Architect Fredi Agunoy for putting up this grand event. I should say it is a huge success after all, in spite of the heartache and disappointment. 
   So Fred's Studio and Gallery was finally launch, on the 55th birthday of Sir Fredi (April 4). Everybody estimated that it was probably the largest gallery in the Philippines. With over a hundred artworks on display plus works from the so-called masters and National Artist. 
   From the Ingress till the night of it's opening everything was smooth. The food were great...

   SO there goes the problem when a certain Robbie Recto included his collections of famous Filipino master on sale. The works of the masters became controversial when Mayor Jay Vergara's wife bought two works of Vicente Manansala. 
   Gromyko was the main man who crow first on FB and said that he had proof that these are forged...relaying this matter to sir Fredi; who acted swiftly and called the attention of the mayor. So Recto was force to prove that his merchandise were authentic...
    Wait let me reflect deeper and let us go slowly on that sale...
   That night on the opening itself, there was no problem. Even Gromyko said that these Manansala pieces were real and he was even jubilant of this sale. The only sentiment that most of us recent was that the focus of the night shifted to the masters. It was like a flyweight was matched against heavy weights. We learn something there that you can not do these kind of things. 

   But afterwards, I don't know when it started...perhaps thru Facebook when a wildfire of accusation came forward..... Fake Manansalas, Bencab, Ang Kiokok, etc.... Now we're done. 
   Mayor Vergara's wife cancelled the sale, as well as ours. Nothing was proven anyway...Robbie faced the issue but no one came forward...even Gromyko distance himself. We even held in custody the questionable artworks until said expert arrive. But No one came from those that accusation panel. It just turn out to be  a black propaganda against the huge success of the show. Only if....
   Now we're done with the issue...anyway, lessons are learned.  

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